We’ve been promising it and here it is!

Because the Burn Bright Facebook page has reached 1000 LIKES, we’re giving away some awesome jewellery, handmade exclusively for Burn Bright by Belinda Hamilton. Details are below!

First Prize – Tri-Chain  plus signed copy of one of the books plus swag

Second Prize: Celtic Butterfly plus signed copy of one of the books

Third prize: Slave Bracelet plus swag

Now, this is what you have to do to win one of these lovely pieces. You know we’re all about spreading the word about the Night Creatures series. So we want you to woo us with you own unique way of telling the world about [intlink id=”5″ type=”page”]Burn Bright[/intlink], [intlink id=”13″ type=”page”]Angel Arias[/intlink] and [intlink id=”2454″ type=”page”]Shine Light[/intlink]. Marianne and Belinda will judge the entries and allocate prize positions.

So … go crazy with your imagination: make banners, youtube videos, mini book trailers, write blog specials, host Night Ceatures parties and send us the pics – whatever you think will grab our attention and the attention of other readers! When you’ve done your thing, come back here and give us the link, or describe what you’ve done. We will need proof though 🙂

We’ll leave the competition open for ten days, to give you time to get busy. It will close on the 10th July, 2012!  Good luck and spread the word!!!!

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