One look will steal your heart, but her touch will take your soul…

Votive is the second book in The Curse of the Bond Riders Series, and the follow-up to the exquisite Tallow (recently reviewed here by Cels). Votive continues the story of Tallow, no longer a humble candle-making apprentice hiding her true nature as an Estrattore, but as the unwilling weapon of the wicked and self-serving Giaconda Maleovelli and her nobile father. Through various means, they convince Tallow to become Tarlo, the most beautiful courtesan Serenissima has ever seen. And, the most deadly.

Votive digs deeper into the lives and motives of those surrounding Tallow – those who want her for their own devices, and those who want to protect her. As an Estrattore, Tallow’s very existence is outlawed by the church. She has the power to extract emotion from anyone, or anything she touches and distil those emotions elsewhere. All who harbour or protect her place themselves in danger of public execution – or much, much worse.

Karen Brooks is one of my favourite world-builders – that is, her words have the ability to place you right there, in Serenissima. In the first book, I was blown away by her skill and Votive is no different. But this time around, it was the characters that struck me, deeper than our last adventure together. I found myself whispering to Tallow, ‘No! Don’t do it!’ and begging her to watch over her shoulder for those who wished to use her for their own gain. Brooks has the ability to make you care for the most unlovable character, cry for the one you thought meant little, and despise the one you hoped would redeem themselves. I don’t think I’ve read a book with such a large cast where each and every character is pivotal to the story itself. The characters we knew, loved and despised in Tallow are back (well, most of them…), but this time with more depth, more substance. Like Tallow, Votive is written from a number of different points of view, just one of those being Tallow herself in the first person. In some books, this technique can get a bit messy, but Brooks makes it perfectly clear at all times whose eyes we’re seeing this beautiful world through. Every one of the secondary characters becomes more important as the tale unfolds; each one has flaws and imperfections making their motives even more intriguing, their fates entwining with twists and turns that are impossible to see coming.

I have to admit, when I read both Tallow and Votive, they took me much longer to get through than the average novel aimed at the Young Adult audience. But this wasn’t because they dragged or I didn’t enjoy them. Quite the opposite, in fact. I seriously didn’t want them to end. Brooks has built a world so magical, so real, it feels tactile; as though you could actually reach out and stroke the delicate fabrics of the amazing gowns, inhale the scents of Tallow’s candles and taste the blood from a crushing blow. At times, it was almost sensory overload, and I found myself placing the book down after only a chapter, needing time to digest the heartbreak, joy and gob-smacking deceit that flowed from the pages.

For those of you who loved Tallow… you’ll adore Votive. And, like me, you’ll be counting the days until book 3, Illumination hits the shelves.

Votive — Karen Brooks. (Curse of the Bond Riders: 2).
Published 1 June, 2011, by Random House Australia
Paperback, 628 pages.
ISBN: – 978 1 86471 943 7

My top 5 for this year(in no particular order.I can’t choose!)

* Eona by Alison Goodman

* Votive by Karen Brooks

* Divergent by Veronica Roth

* Burn Bright by Marianne de Pierres

* Angel Arias by Marianne de Pierres.

(hey, check it out. All Aussies except for Roth)

Most Anticipated for 2012 (again, no particular order):

* The Blood Keeper by Tessa Gratton

* Blaze Dark by Marianne de Pierres

* Insurgent by Veronica Roth

* City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

* Illumination by Karen Brooks. (confirmed 2012 release date with Karen this morning)

In a place where magic means execution, a child with extraordinary powers and the key to the fulfilment of a legend is hidden among peasants. Taken in and trained as an apprentice by a candle maker, Tallow has learnt to hide in plain sight. Silently in the shadows, three separate groups of enemies are searching and waiting: the foreign Queen, whose motives are cold and calculating; the aristocrat who dreams of his fortune returned; and the horrifying Morte Whisperers—creatures of the Limen (a mystical boundary land), no one seems to know just what they are. They all want Tallow’s ancient magic for their own means and will stop at nothing to get it. Not even murder. Only one group, The Bond Riders, stand between Tallow and the others’ malevolent plans; but are they truly allies, or do they just want control of Tallow’s powers for themselves?

Opening the cover of this amazing novel is like gazing at a master tapestry. It is visually rich and entrancing with interwoven threads of deceit, long-buried secrets and magic. From the imagery of the candle-making process to the sight, sound and smells of Tallow’s home, Brooks has created a world that is both familiar and fantastically unreal at the same time.

Set in  a richly woven Venetian setting with canals and gondolas and a fascinating dialect of both English and Italian/Venetian, you will feel instantly transported reading chair and all. Your imagination will fly picturing the magical border land and the creatures that inhabit it. Tallow is also a story that will bring a tear to your eye. It is a poignant and unique tale of self-discovery and self-acceptance, interlaced with the need to hide who and what you truly are.

Brooks has a gift for character development as well. The main characters have been given such depth that you expect to see them standing in front of you every time you manage to tear your eyes back up from the action. The lives of the secondaries will also linger with you and you will find yourself wondering about their fate. All in all, Tallow is one of those magical stories that grab hold and don’t let go, even after the last page is read. It is suitable for both sexes and a wide age range. If there is one book you seek out and read this year, Tallow is well deserving of that honor.

Tallow is the first in “The Curse of the Bond Riders” series and I, for one, will be getting my hot little hands on its sequel, Votive, as soon as possible. If it’s anything like Tallow it will be one hell of a read.

Tallow: The Curse of the Bond Riders 1-Karen Brooks

Paperback, 411 Pages

Published 2009-10-01 by Random House


I’m a huge fan of a well-built world in the books I read. I love jumping in feet first, deep into an unknown culture, where everything is different; the language, the people, the clothing, the food, where a chair is not always just a chair and anything can and does happen.

All writers spend time and effort on building a believable world to set their story in, even if it’s a story set right here on earth in 2011 at your local high school. But it’s those worlds that are so different to our own that I admire so much. To pull a reader into their made-up world and suck us in, to want to be there as well-loved characters tell their stories – well, that’s a real skill, something not all authors are able to pull off successfully.

Burn Bright is an awesome example of successful world building. We can all imagine through Retra’s eyes the clubs, the churches, the landscape of Ixion. But that’s not all that goes into building a fantastical world. Think about the Gangs, the Night Creatures, the Ripers and the Uthers. So much goes into an author’s thought process, the linking of all these elements. Would Retra’s journey to Ixion touch our hearts in quite the same way if we couldn’t imagine what it would be like to grow up in the strict, suppressed Seal compound? Of course not. All these tiny pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fit together to build a world so many of us loved (and can’t wait to get back to again!)

Along with Burn Bright, some of my favourite worlds to get lost in between pages include Karen BrooksVenetianesque Serenissima in The Curse of the Bond Riders trilogy (Tallow book 1 and Votive, book 2 are both available now). It’s a place full of secrets and canals, danger and magic.

Alison Goodman’s duology EON and EONA are set in a land full of elemental magic in an alternative ancient China / Japan. Not only has Goodman given us the landscape and the magic, but characters that tell the beautiful (and sometimes horrific) story and history of her world.

In Suzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games trilogy, we’re faced with a dystopian world where teens are forced to fight to the death as entertainment for Big Brother and the masses.

And in Isobelle Carmody’s classic Obernewtyn Chronicles, we are thrust into a complex land of politics, religion, Misfits and heroes. Carmody’s world in particular is just incredible in its depth and attention to detail over many years and volumes.

What about those worlds that are just a step to the left, a little off centre? Think Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely series, where the Fey live among us, here and now in the contemporary world. The same goes for Holly Black’s White Cat and of course… JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books – it’s a world that exists right under the noses of us mere Muggles. These stories might be set in the ‘real’ world, but they also have their own mythology, their own rules that each author has to write, and then abide by. In turn, we, as readers, reap the benefits of all this hard work and wonderful imagination.

So tell me, what are some of your favourite fictional worlds to get lost in? Do you prefer the futuristic, the completely fantastical, the dystopian (the nightmare world) or the utopian (the ideal society)? Do you sometimes think: Huh? Where did that come from? Or do your favourite authors sweep you along for the ride, their worlds so well described and established that you can’t help wishing you were there too?

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Aarts, A. J. – Jove
Aguirre, Ann – Enclave
Albin, Jennifer – Crewel
Alender, Katie – Bad Girls Don’t Die
Alender, Katie – From Bad to Cursed
Allyn, Anya – Dollhouse

Almond, David – A Song for Ella Grey
Angelini, Josephine – Dreamless
Armstrong, Kelley – Omens
Armstrong, Kelley – Sea of Shadows

Arnett, Mindee – Avalon
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia – Shapeshifters


Bacigalupi, Paolo – Ship Breaker
Banks, Anna – Of Poseidon
Benton, Jonathon K. – A Wicked Kind of Dark
Bick, Ilsa J. – Drowning Instinct
Bishop, Anne – Written in Red

Bishop, Anne – Murder of Crows
Black, Holly – Zombies vs Unicorns
Black, Holly – Tithe
Black, Holly – White Cat
Black, Holly – Red Glove
Black, Holly – Black Heart
Black, Holly – The Coldest Girl in Cold Town
Black, Holly – Doll Bones
Black, Yelena – Dance of Shadows
Blake, Lily – House at the End of the Street
Borchaz, Pam – Drought
Brashares, Ann – The Here and Now

Bray, Libba – Going Bovine
Bray, Libba – A Great and Terrible Beauty
Bray, Libba – The Diviners
Brooks, Karen – Votive
Brody, Jessica – Unremembered
Boudreau, Helene – Real Mermaids Don’t Wear Toe Rings
Burgis, Stephanie – Kat the Incorrigble series
Bursztynski, Sue – Wolfborn


Caine, Rachel – Glass Houses
Caine, Rachel – Last Breath
Carmody, Isobelle – Metro Winds

Carson Levine, Gail – Ella Enchanted

Cashore, Kristin – Fire

Cass, Kiera – The Elite
Cass, Kiera – The Selection

Cass, Kiera – The Selection (2)
Cassidy, Anne – Killing Rachel
Cashore, Kristin – Graceling

Chan, Kylie – Small Shen

Chandler, Ben – Beast Child
Chandler, Elizabeth – Dark Secrets
Carriger, Gail – Etiquette and Espionage

Carleson, J. C. – The Tyrant’s Daughter
Cashore, Kristin – Fire (video)
Cashore, Kristen – Bitterblue

Childs, Tera Lynn – Forgive My Fins
Clare, Cassandra – City of Fallen Angels
Clare, Cassandra – Clockwork Prince

Clare, C – City of Lost Souls
Clement-Moore, Rosemary – The Splendour Falls

Clements, Andrew – We Hold These Truths

Coates, J.F.R. – Axinstone

Cocks, H and Morgan, J – Spoiled and Messy

Condie, Allie – Crossed

Connelly, John – The Book of Lost Things

Cooper, Elspeth – Songs of the Earth

Cooper, Elspeth – Trinity Rising
Cooper, Michelle – A Brief History of Montmaray
Cooper, Michelle – The FitzOsbornes in Exile

Cooper, Susan – Ghost Hawk

Coutt, Alexandra – Tumble and Fall

Cox, Suzy – Dead Girl’s Walking
Craze, Galaxy – The Last Princess

Corbett, Angela – Eternal Starling

Cremer, Andrea – Wolfsbane
Cremer, Andrea – Nightshade
Cremer, Andrea – Bloodrose
Cross, Julie – Tempest (audio)

Cross, Julie – Vortex

Curley, Marianne – Broken

Curtis Klause, Annette – The Silver Kiss


Dashner, James – The Scorch Trials

Dashner, James – The Maze Runner

Dashner, James – Eye of Minds

Dashner, James – The Death Cure

Daugherty, C.J. – Night School

Daugherty, C. J. – Legacy

Davidson, Mary Janice – Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace
Deas, Stephen – The Thieftakers Apprentice
Deep-Jones, Liz – Lucy Zees’s Glamour Game

De La Cruz, Melissa – Blue Bloods series
De La Cruz, Melissa and Johnston, Michael – Frozen
De La Cruz, Melissa – Gates of Paradise

Derting, Kimberley – The Last Echo

Destefano, Lauren – Wither

DeStefano, Lauren – Wither (2)

DeStefano, Lauren – Sever

DeStefano, Lauren – Fever
Devlin, Ivy – Low Red Moon
Doctorow, Cory – Makers

Dollhouse – graphic novel

Durrant, Cheryse – The Blood She Betrayed



Elkeles, Simon – Return to Paradise

Elkeles, Simon – Return to Paradise (2)

Ellion, Kate – Butterfly Clues

Eulberg, Elizabeth – Better Off Friends


Fama, Elizabeth – Monstrous Beauty

Flanagan, John – The Lost Stories
Ford, Michael – The Poisoned House

Forman, Gayle – Just One Year

Forman, Gayle – Just One Day

Frankel, Jordana – The Ward

Friesen, Jonathon – Aquifier

Fuge, L.M. – When Courage Came To Call

Fukuda, Andrew – Prey

Fukuda, Andrew – The Hunt

Fusco Newton, Kimberley – Beholding Bee


Gaiman, Neil – Stardust (anniversary edition)

Galley, Lauren M. – Steps to Success
Galley, Lauren – Kissing Frogs

Gerogatelis, Brittany – What the Spell

Geragotelis, Brittany – Life’s a Witch

Girard, G – Project Cain

Glines, Abbi – Breathe

Goodman, Alison – Eona
Gordon, Kate – Thyla

Gordon, Kate – Writing Clementine

Goodman, Carol – Blythewood
Gould, Stephen – 7th Sigma
Gratton, Tessa – Blood Magic

Graham, Riley – Accidents and Incidents

Gray, Claudia – Evernight series
Griffin, Adele – Tighter


Hand, Cynthia – Unearthly

Hand, Cynthia – Boundless

Han, Jenny- We’ll Always Have Summer
Hart, Rhiannon – Blood Song
Harrison, Kate – Soul Fire
Harrison, Kim – Once Dead, Twice Shy
Harrison, Lisi – Monster High
Harrison, Lisi – The Ghoul Next Door

Harrison, Lisi – The Ghoul Next Door (2)
Harrison, Lisi – Back and Deader Than Ever

Harsted, Johan – 172 Hours on the Moon

Hartman, Rachel – Seraphina

Hathaway, Jill – Slide

Hawkins, Rachel – Demonglass

Haygert, Juliana – Playing Pretend

Healey, Karen – Guardian of the Dead
Hearles, M.J. – Winter’s Shadow
Hearles, M.J. – Winter’s Light

Hehir, Tim – Julius and the Watchmaker

Hendrick, Kate – The Accident

Hearle, M. J. – Claudette in the Shadows

Hill, Will – Department 19

Hocking, Amanda – Switched
Hocking, Amanda – Torn
Hocking, Amanda – Hollowland

Hocking, Amanda  – Lullaby

Hodkin, Michelle – The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Holder, Nancy and Viguie, Debbie – Unleashed

Hooper, Mary – The Disgrace of Kitty Grey

Houck, Colleen – Tiger’s Quest

Howard, A. G. – Splintered

Hunter, Kate – The Parfizz Pitch


James, Brian – Zombie Blondes

James, Mia – Darkness Falls
Jinks, Catherine – The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group
Johnson, Maureen – The Runaway Queens

Johnson, Maureen – The Name of the Star

Jones, Carrie – Captivate
Jones, Carrie – Need
Jones, Carrie – Entice


Kacvinsky, Katie – Awaken
Kade, Stacey – Queen of the Dead
Kade, Stacey – The Ghost and the Goth

Kagawa, Julie – The Eternity Cure

Kagawa, Julie – The Iron Daughter

Kantor, Melissa – The Darling’s series

Kwaymullina, Ambelin – Interrogation of Ashala Wolf
Keaton, Kelly – Darkness Becomes Her
Keaton, Kelly – A Beautiful Evil

Keller, Julia – A Killing in the Hills

Kemmerer, Brigid – Storm

Kemmerer, Brigid – Spirit

Kemmerer, Brigid – The Elemental series (Elemental, fearless and Breathless)

Kraus,Daniel – Scowler

Kunze, Nansi – Dangerously Placed
Kenyon, Sherrilyn – Invincible
Kenyon, Sherrilyn – Infinity
Kenyon, Sherrilyn – Infamous

Kenyon, Sherrilyn – Inferno

Kenyon, Sherrilyn – Illusion

Kitteridge, Caitlyn – The Nightmare Garden
Kizer, Amber – Meridian

Kizer, Amber – Wildcat Fireflies

Kizer, Amber – A Matter of Days

Klann-Moren, Nancy – The Clock of Life

Kneipp, Chris – Parallel
Krasnostein, A ed. and Rios, Julia ed. – Years Best YA Spec Fiction 2013

Kwaymullina, Ambelin – The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf


Lanagan, Margo – Sea Hearts
Larbalstier, Justine – Zombies vs Unicorns

Lawrence, Theo – Mystic City

Larkins, Gillian – Diva

Larson, Sarah B – Defy
Leveen, Tom – Random

Lia Block, Francesca – Elementals

Lim, Rebecca – Mercy

Littlefield, Sophie – Hanging by a Thread
Lo, Malinda – Huntress
Lo, Malinda – Ash
Locke, Kate – God Save The Queen

Lounsbury, Lynette – Afterworld

Lowe, Helen – The Gathering of the Lost
Lowe, Helen – The Heir of the Night

Lu, Marie – Legend
Lunetta, Demetria – In the After

Lyga, Barry – I Hunt Killers


Marr, Melissa – Ink Exchange
Marr, Melissa – Darkest Mercy

Marr, Melissa – Carnival of the Souls

Masson, Sophie – Moonlight and Ashes

Masson, Sophie – Scarlet in the Snow 

Mauzurkieuwicz, Joanna – The Whispers of the Sprite

McCafferty, Megan – Thumped

McConaghy, Charlotte – Fury

McConnel, Jen – Goddess Spells for Busy Girls

McGarry, Katie – Pushing the Limits

McHale, D. J – Sylo

McLaughlin, Sarah – Over You

McQuerry, Maureen  – The Peculiars
Mead, Richelle – Vampire Academy series

Mead, Richelle – Indigo Spell
Meadows, Jodie – Incarnate

Meldrum, Kristina – Mad Apple
Meredith, Amy – Shadows

Meyer, Marissa – Scarlet

Mlynowski, Sarah – Don’t Even think About it

Mlynowski, Sarah – Ten Things We’ve Done

Moggach, Lottie – Kiss Me

Moriarty, Jaclyn – Cracks in the Kingdom

Moriarty, Jaclyn – Corner of White

Morgan, Lara – Genesis
Morgan, Lara – Equinox
Moss, Tara – The Blood Countess

Moss, Tara – The Skeleton Key
Mulligan, Andy – Trash

Mussi, Sara – Siege


Nickerson, Jane – Strands of Bronze and Gold

Nickerson, Jane – Strands of Bronze and Gold (2)
Nieman, Christie – A Stars Fall 

Neill, Chloe – Chicagoland Vampire series

Nix, Garth – A Confusion of Princes

Nix, Garth – Clariel

Noel, Alyson – Fated
Noel, Alyson – Whisper

Noel, Alyson – Horizon

Noel, Alyson – Echo


Oliver, Jana – Briar Rose

Oliver, Jana – Forsaken and Forbidden

Oliver, Lauren – Delirium

Oliver, Lauren – Delerium (2)
Oliver, Lauren – Pandemonium

Ormand, Kate – Dark Days


Painter, Kristen – Flesh and Blood
Painter Kristen – Blood Rites

Parker, Amy Christine  Gated

Paul, Fiona – Belladonna
Pearce, Jackson – Sisters Red
Pearson, Mary E. – The Fox Inheritance (audio)

Peterfruend, Diana – Rampant

Philips, Gillian – Firebrand
Pike, Aprilynne – Life After Theft

Phelan, James – Chasers

Phelan, James – The Last Thirteen

Pitcher, Annabel – Ketchup Clouds

Plakson, Suzie – The Return of King Lillian

Porter, Sarah – Lost Voices

Powell, Laura – Burn Mark
Pratchett, Terry – I Shall Wear Midnight
Pratchett, Terry – Snuff
Pryor, Michael – Moment of Truth

Purnhagen, Mara – Past Midnight


Rai, Bali – Killing Honour
Randall, Thomas – Dreams of the Dead
Rees Brennan, Sarah – The Demon’s Lexicon

Rees Brennan, Sarah – Untold
Rees Brennan, Sarah – Unmade

Rees Brennan, Sarah – What Really Happened in Peru

Ren Suma, Nova – 17 and Gone

Revis, Beth – A Million Suns

Revis, Beth – Across the Universe

Richards, Elizabeth – Black City

Richards, Elizabeth – Phoenix

Roberts, Tansy Rayner – Ink Black Magic

Rosenblum, Greg – Evolution 19

Rossi, Veronica – Under the Never Sky

Rossoff, Meg – How I Live Now
Roth, Veronica – Divergent

Roth, Veronica – Insurgent

Roth, Veronica – Allegiant
Roux, Madeleine – Alison Hewitt is Trapped
Roux, Madeleine – Sadie Walker is Stranded

Rowell, Rainbow – Fangirl

Rowell, Rainbow – Fangirl (2)

Rowell, Rainbow – Eleanor and Park

Rowell, Rainbow – Eleanor and Park (2)

Rushby, Alison – The Heiresses

Rutkoski, Marie – The Winner’s Curse

Ryan, Amy Kathleen – Spark
Ryan, Carrie – The Dark and Hollow Places
Ryan, Carrie – The Dead-Tossed Waves


Seles, Monica – Game On

Sepetys, Ruth – Out of Easy

Schwartz, L – A Conspiracy of Alchemists

Scott, Elizabeth – As I Wake

Scott, Ginger – Waiting on the Sidelines

Scott, S. L. – Naturally Charlie

Shan, Darren – Ocean of Blood
Shan, Darren – Birth of a Killer

Shepherd, Megan – The Madman’s Daughter

Sigler, Scott – The Rookie
Silverwood, Sarah – Traitor’s Gate
Silverwood, Sarah – Double-Edged Sword
Simner, Janni Lee –  Faerie Winter
Simner, Janni Lee – Bones of Faerie

Shannon, Samantha – Bone Season

Sheinmel, Alyssa – Second Star

Shirvington, Jessica – Embrace

Shirvington, Jessica – Embrace (2  audio)

Shirvington, Jessica – Empower

Shirvington, Jessica – Between the Lives

Shirvington, Jessica – Disruption

Showalter, Gina – Through the Zombie Glass

Simpson, Phillip W. – Apocalypse

Simpson, Phillip W. – Tribulation

Silver, Eve – Rush

Skovron, John – Misfit

Skovron, Jon – Misfit (2)
Smith, Jennifer E. – The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

Smith, Jennifer E. – This is What Happiness Looks Like

Smith, Jennifer E. – The Geography of You and Me
Smith, L.J. – The Vampire Diaries Book 3 – The Fury
Smith, L.J. – The Vampire Diaries Book 2 – The Struggle
Smith, L.J. – The Vampire Diaries Book 1 – The Awakening
Smith, L.J. – The Vampires Diaries – Stephan’s Diaries Vol 1.
Smith, L.J. – The Forbidden Game Vol. 1 – The Hunter
Smith, L.J. – The Forbidden Game Vol. 2 – The Chase
Snyder, Maria V – Touch of Power
Spooner, Megan – Skylark

Stevens, C – Faking Normal

Stevens, M. J. – Bound
Stevens, M. J. – Divided

Stiefvater, Maggie – Forever

Stiefvater, Maggie – The Curiosities

Stohl, Margaret – Icons

Stoker, Shannon – The Registery
Sullivan, Tricia – Shadowboxer

Sun, Amanda – Ink

Sun, Amanda – Ink (2)

Sutcliffe, William – The Wall

Sutton, Kelsey – Some Quiet Place


Taylor, Laini – Days of Blood and Starlight

Taylor, Laini – Days of Blood and Starlight (2)

Taylor, Laini – Dreams of Gods and Monsters

Taylor, Lani – Lips Touch Three Times

Telep, Trisha (ed) – Kiss Me Deadly|
Telep, Trisha (ed.) – The Eternal Kiss

Terrill, Cristin – All Our Yesterdays

Terry, Teri – Slated

Terry, Teri – Fractured

Tintera, Amy – Reboot
Thomas, J.B. – Mammon
Tiernan, Cate – Immortal Beloved


Vail, Michelle – Undeadly

Vaught, S – Freaks Like Us

Vaught, SR & Redmond, J – The Oathbreaker (Pt 1 & 2)
Verday, Jessica – The Hollow

Viguie, Debbie – Hotblooded

Violi, Jen – Putting Makeup on Dead People


Waters, Daniel – Generation Dead

Weatherley, L. A. – Angel Burn

Weisman, Greg – Rain of the Ghosts

Wells, Dan – Partials

Wells, Dan – Partials (2 & 3)

Wells, Dan – Partials (4)

Wells, Martha – Cloud Roads
Wells, Martha – Serpent Sea

West, Kasie – Pivot Point
Westerfeld, Scott – The Secret Hour (Midnighters 1)
Westerfeld, Scott – Touching Darkness (Midnighter 2)
Westerfeld, Scott – Blue Noon (Midnighter 3)
Westerfeld, Scott – Pretties
Westerfeld, Scott – Uglies
White, Kiersten – Perfect Lies

White, Kiersten – Mind Games

White, Kiersten – Mind Games (2)

White, Kiersten – Supernaturally

White, Kiersten – Paranormalcy

Westerfeld, Scott – Specials

Wignall, K.J. – Blood
Wood, Fiona – Wildlife

Wilson, N.D. – The Dragon’s Tooth
Winnacker, Susanne – Imposter
Winnacker, Susanne – Defector


Woodland, Lani – Intrinsical
Woodland, Lani – Indelible
Woolley, Justin – A Town Called Dust
Wunder, Wendy – The Museum of Intangible Things


York, Kelley – Hushed
Young, Moira – Rebel heart (Dustlands #2)


Zhang, Kat – What’s Left of Me
Zevin, Gabrielle – All These Things I’ve Done
Zink, Michelle – Prophecy of the Sisters

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