The Staff

Belinda Hamilton – feature blogger, reviewer

Belinda Hamilton grew up in Caboolture and moved to Brisbane a decade or so ago. She keeps a personal blog at Belinda’s Baubles. Belinda loves to read, write, make jewellery, bush-walk, try her hand at photography and spends a few hours a week volunteering for charity. She’s also the president of the writing/critique group Marianne was co-founder of; Vision Writers. 



Mandy Wrangles – reviewer and blogger

Mandy WranglesAmanda Wrangles has never moved far from where she grew up on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne. In fact, she hasn’t  managed the whole growing up thing very well at all  – with a passion for reading and writing Young Adult stories, she would much rather live in a teenager’s world than an adult one.

Hooked on all things dark and macabre since watching a Dracula movie at age five, Amanda has a special place in her heart for the supernatural community.

An active member of Sisters in Crime Australia (winning their 2009 Scarlet Stiletto award for short story writing), she delights in books that dare to cross the lines in genre – particularly between crime and the paranormal world. Follow Amanda’s food blog.


Phil Coss – reviewer 

Phillip Coss lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

He has a BS in Computer Science from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, and recently finished his Masters in Computation in Open Systems at the same University. He currently works as a Computer Science teacher and as a freelance web designer/developer. He dreams of becoming a Animator for a major film or game studio. In his free time he reads, writes, studies acting, plays video games, listens to music, tinkers with his car and plays with his dog.


Krista McKeeth – reviewer

Krista was born and raised in Utah. Lucky enough to have travelled to several countries, she fully intends on travelling more. She is a collector things, Books, Music, Movies and Apple Products. She has a varied taste and all genres have caught her eye, though she tends to become obsessed with all things Teen and Young Adult. She has come to adapt to her eight hour full-time job staring at walls and florescent lighting, developing a mental block in which she calls the CubicleBlindness. Reading is her favourite escape. You can find her personal reviews at Cubicle Blindness.


Lisa Smith – reviewer and blogger

Lisa SmithLisa Smith is only sixteen, and already has four addictions, reading, coffee, chocolate and blogging! She lives in the Northwest, and will be a junior in high school this year. When she grows up she wants to become a professional reviewer, and still run her own blog.

Her reviews are from a teen perspective, making them easy going and fun! If you want to check out her reviews,


Diana Pinguicha – media reviewer

Living in Portugal and studying Computer Engineering, Diana is a nerdy, geeky bookworm who’s addicted to coffee. She loves reading, cooking, watches a lot of TV series, plays the piano and a ton of video games. On her free time, Diana writes her own original novels and hopes to publish them one day, as all aspiring writers do and studies a lot so she can finish her degree and begin a Master’s in Video Game Design. You can read samples of Diana’s fiction at her website.



Joelene Pynnonen – reviewer and blogger

JoeleneJoelene Pynnonen embraces the life of an avid book lover in every way. Her household is ruled cruelly by a wrathful cat; and should a fire ever start it is doubtful that she would make it past the elegant stacks of novels to her room door. At least once a year she coerces her mother into watching the BBC mini-series of Pride and Prejudice with her, and will often follow up by re-reading the book.

When not reading or bowing to the will of the tyrant cat, Joelene likes to draw, make futile attempts at learning Finnish and occasionally work in a bookstore.


Jamie Marriage – reviewer 

Jamie Marriage is an internationally published Australian CyberPunk author with a taste for the dangerous and obscene aspects of life. His work ranges from the sarcastic to the satirical. Links to his work can be found at




 Bec Stafford

 bec2012_TNBec Stafford has a Masters of Philosophy from the University of Queensland. She blogs and interviews for the Escape Club.



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