Bel Reviews: Amanda Hocking's - "Lullaby"

I finally got my slack behind around to reading this charming book. Actually I had to read book one, Wake, first so Lullaby would make sense. I suggest you do the same as this isn’t really a series forgiving enough to be able to pick up from anywhere. Definitely get your ducks in a row.

The story is told from 2 perspectives. Gemma is dealing with the fall out from Wake and Harper is picking up the pieces from back home (that’s as much as I can go into without massive spoilers).

There are a few things I adored about the Watersong books.

I like how Amanda Hocking approaches the idea of a family unit dealing with a loved one suffering from a brain injury. At no stage is there a truly harsh word spoken to their mother. I love how they cope in their own ways with the tragic nature of how the brain injury has affected the ‘normal’ family dynamic, and they make it work.

I found I was pleased that the character with the large tattoo on his back, Daniel, is pretty much just a regular guy. In most books I’ve read in the past, tattoos equated to a bad person. Someone who couldn’t be trusted and would sooner kick your grandmother than wish you a good morning. Daniel is a kind hearted, hard working, sweet, gentleman. Which probably more accurately represents the majority of people with tattoos.

Lastly the element of Lullaby I enjoyed the most was the road trip scene. Sure the guys were talking about Harper, but they were doing so in a respectful way. I think far too many times when two male characters are conversing about a love interest, the talk turns a tad lecherous and demeaning to the girl at the heart of their banter. Yay for women’s rights!

The one thing that had me a little ~scrunched face~ was the sudden psychic connection Harper and Gemma have for one moment in the book. I don’t recall it being there at any other stage and it was perhaps just a little too convenient to be a smooth addition to the mix. We will see how it is carried through into book 3, Tidal due out in June 2013.

This is a light read with the decent message of respecting your family, and very light on with the damsel in distress stuff. There’s romance, suspense and sirens/ evil mermaids. Sounds like the perfect summer read to me. Remember to pack it when you’re heading to the beach.

Paperback, 352 pages

Published December 6th 2012 by Tor (first published November 27th 2012)

ISBN 1447205731 (ISBN13: 9781447205739)

  • I wasn’t too crazy about Lullaby’s ending, but it’s definitely the perfect bridge between Wake and Tidal. I promise you’ll love Tidal, too 🙂

    Excellent review Belinda. I’d never noticed that where a character’s tattoo could mean something.

  • Thanks Candy!

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