Bel Reviews: Amber Kizer's - "Wildcat Fireflies"

Meridian is a 16 year old Fenestra. In layman’s terms, she is the light people see as they are passing away. A month ago she had her life turned upside down and inside out by learning she is one of these part angel, part human beings, a window to the ‘other side’. But that story is contained within the pages of the book Meridian. Wildcat fireflies is the next installment of the story of Meridian and her protector, Tens.

Will Juliet hang on long enough for Merdiain and Tens to find her?

Or will the Aternocti that lurk in the very house Juliet calls home get to her first?

Now I must admit it seems like an eternity since I closed the cover of Meridian and began the wait for the next book to pop up on my local shelves. So it was with a great whoop of pleasure I found Wildcat Fireflies within the first few days of 2012 and added it swiftly to my library.

The cover is dark and somewhat brooding with accents of dark green butterflies, fireflies and curling vines twining their way around the front and back flaps. I’m not sure which character is portrayed on the front, but it looks to be the girl from the first book; I assume it is Meridian. Cover art is by Chad Michael Ward, and I think it’s beautiful.

Though 506 pages, I found myself leaping through the last 350 in a single morning. The storylines flow, the setting is extremely vivid and the characters are brilliant (even the nasty ones.)

There is a new tension between Tens and our heroine that I wasn’t expecting; it went a long way to making the couple seem more realistic on a basic level.

I loved the way the country town was portrayed as I have personally found them to be; friendly and warm, but with deep secrets, and sometimes a thread of evil lurking.

Trying to find anything that I didn’t like about Wildcat Fireflies is more ordeal than I would bother with; I just wish I’d owned it sooner. If you haven’t read Meridian, read it before this one. Though this book can stand on its own, you get more emotion for the situation and more empathy for the plight of the Fenestra.

You will adore the tale Amber weaves. So much heart and soul went into the telling, pun completely intended.

Australian release date November 2011

Paperback 506 pages

Random House

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