Bel Reviews: Amy Tintera's - "Reboot"

We are scared of the unknown. Death is just the beginning for Wren and the other kids with KDH (a horrible disease that almost wiped out the human race) in their systems who manage to ‘reboot’.

They come back from the dead and are bigger, better, stronger from the process. Once the Human Advancement and Repopulation Corporation (HARC), steps in and offers to give the rebooted kids a purpose, it becomes standard practice for the kids to become super soldiers, keeping the human population safe from itself, and the spread of KDH.

But what happens when the kid who took the longest time to ‘reboot’ picks the kid who took the least about of time to ‘reboot’ as a trainee? Can they both survive his curiosity? Is this life with HARC all there is for them? Could the grass be greener on the other side?

The popping mint green and an eerie looking eye glaring back at you are just the beginning for design elements that stand this book apart from all the others. There are frames around every page, which, when the book is closed, create the image of the eye from the front cover on the page edges. It made me say holy cow.

With all this uber coolness going on even before I’d opened the book, I was curious as to just what lay in wait for me. I am over the moon to announce that the book was a-freaking-mazing. It made me question my habit of taking things for granted, and going with the flow because it’s easier, because it’s safer, because it’s all I’ve ever done.

Wren (178) and Callum (22) make a delightfully amusing odd couple. You really get the feeling that it’s them against the system. The adversities they must overcome, keep you on the edge of your seat and the tension has you turning pages so quickly that the last page jumps at you and makes you scream for more.

The setting is post apocalyptic Texas, and it works effectively to highlight the differences between the haves and the have nots. Amy’s description makes me completely positive I wouldn’t survive a day in Wren’s world.

I recommend reading Reboot if you are starting out in the dystopian/post apocalyptic genre, as it isn’t as brutal as others I have read; that being said, it is unflinching enough for a fan of Dark Angel to be able to read happily.

Book two is as yet untitled, but is expected hopefully at some stage in 2014. Which isn’t as far away as it sounds.

Paperback 384 pages

Published June 2013 by Allen and Unwin

ISBN13 9781743315507

  • mayceegreene

    Ahhh! I need to get my hands on a copy of this book soon! Fast paced with some unpredictability is exactly what I like! 🙂

    Maycee (Terry Costa)

    • Belinda

      I’ve seen copies in Big W (of all places) Highly recommended.

  • Hi Maycee, Belinda LOVED it! MDP

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