Bel Reviews: Ben Chandler's - "Beast Child"

Quillblade is the first book in the Voyages of the Flying Dragon saga, and it left us figuratively hanging from the edge of a cliff by a fingernail.  Beast Child picks up where it left off, but rather than settling into a comfortable pattern of asking questions and answering them; once more Ben has us holding our breath, being blinded by red herrings and itching for answers.

There is no cream for the itch however; the only way you’ll find out what happens next is to get your hands on a copy and consume it, page by well-crafted page.

The Hiryu has been given an engine upgrade by Lenis, allowing for a quick getaway when it’s needed, however as Lenis is the only one who knows how to run the engine without blowing the whole Hiryu to kingdom come, it becomes necessary to get him back, when a plan to retrieve the stones of Ebb and Flow from Karasu backfires and he is stranded on the mercenary’s air ship.

Missy is forced to question her own moral values to get her brother back and to continue the search for the stones that will help Suiteki’s powers come into their own.

We are introduced to at least 3 new characters, and their roles will only become more apparent in book 3. You’ll have to decide for yourself if they should be trusted.

The character evolution is on an extreme skyward arc, I felt that the one character I wanted to hear more from was the Dragon Suiteki but she took a back seat. I have hope she will come to the forefront in the next installment, Ebb and Flow

I cannot wait!

ISBN: 9781864719796

Format: Paperback

Imprint: Random House Australia

Published: 01/09/11


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