Bel Reviews: Cheryse Durrant's - "The Blood She Betrayed"

Durant_BloodI was introduced to Cheryse at Brisbane Supanova in November and was pleased to hear she lives in my home town of Bundaberg. A place normally only famous for Rum and Aviator, Bert Hinkler, thank the heavens it’s gonna be put on the map for something I adore… brilliantly written books.

The first book in Heart Hunters series takes us on a flail-your-arms-worthy trip from Brisbane’s Central Business District to the upper class rooms of the Hilton Hotel in Sydney.

Shahkara and Max aim to save the world, and along the way, discover amazing things about each other. The journey is fast-paced and studded with emotional land mines. When the dust settles, who will be left standing?

I think it’s such a novelty, being able to picture the settings in a book. To actually have them as my stomping grounds makes this book even more special to me. As with most things in and around Brisbane, nothing stays the same for long, so if you read this and things in the book aren’t the way they are in actuality, that’s progress for you. At least the Brisbane stuff I can tell you is about as accurate as you’ll get. Though I wanna see the inspiration for the McCalden’s digs. Must be a seriously large estate!

Shahkara does really well to adapt to a new set of circumstances and Max, though he had a few bad habits in the beginning, is what I’d imagine most 18 year old guys to be like. Kind, cocky and always hungry.

I sincerely believe there has got to be at least a second part to this series and I would love to see how Max would fare in Gorian, Shahkara’s home. Surviving without technology… yep, I wanna see that.

The Blood She Betrayed would make a great gift for anyone who likes a good sci-fi/action/urban fantasy book.

***For Older ReadersĀ 

Paperback, 188 pages

Published July 2013 by Clan Destine Press

ISBN: 9780987553867


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