Bel Reviews: Chris Kneipp's - "Parallel"

I’ve never really thought of puberty for guys as anything more than some awkward moments in public and changing the sheets a little more often than before. In comparison to periods, boobs and the removal of body hair for girls, I think guys generally cop it sweet.

Can’t say I’d really want the concerns of the protagonist in the last e-book I read; Parallel by Christopher Kneipp. I somehow think Mark would beg for a little ‘normal’ public embarrassment and not the great whopping pile of responsibility he’s been dealt. Paranormal abilities and the title of ‘World’s Hope‘ is just the tip of the slippery slope.

“Mark will be 16 soon but his birthday is the least of his worries. He has just found out a secret. His mother is not his mother, his father is not his father and the Earth is not his home.

In the shadow of an unseen enemy Mark is taunted by dreams and the harrying of his enemies growing army.

With the help of his best friend Matthew and new ally, the half-elven girl Angelie, he must escape this world. He must fight to get back home to the parallel world, Quell, where new dangers await and the hopes and expectations of all Worlds rests on his shoulders.

But on Quell he will find that a world away is not far enough to escape the reach of his own Parallel, Tyrren.”

I had the pleasure of reading this fantastic jaunt through the imagination of Christopher Kneipp. His character depictions are strong and the world building is quality stuff.

Mark evolves throughout the story from a teen with a bit of a chip on his shoulder to a somewhat more level headed young man. I guess having not one, but two worlds, relying on your latent skills would do that to anyone. Step up or get out of the way.

As for the evil nemesis, Tyrren is up there with Ghost Face for frustration factor. He’s bad, he’s demented, he’s obsessive and single minded in his desire to become immortal. His actions are hateful and Mark needs to question his morals to be able to put a stop to Tyrren’s horrid tirade.

Though I haven’t been to the Blue Mountains or any of the landmarks mentioned in Parallel, through all five senses we are grounded both in this reality and that of Quell. I can just about smell the air, and feel the ambience by the detailed descriptions as Angelie, and Mark make their way through the story.

This is book one of a trilogy and there are likely to be many more long nights and bags of jelly babies to come for Mark and his friends. I look forward to reading more.

Published December 15th 2011 by Christopher Kneipp on Smashwords

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