Bel Reviews: Cynthia Hand's - "Boundless"

hand_boundless-cynthia-handI think I’ve reviewed this entire trilogy, and I can tell you it’s well worth it. You will be hooked right ’til the last page of the final book.

Clara Gardner is back for one last hurrah. Helping her friends, fighting her personal demons and ultimately making the best of the hand she’s been dealt.

The love triangle between Tucker, Christian and Clara steps into high gear. You’ll be guessing right to the end.

Your heart will be in your mouth and I am trying so hard not to give spoilers away, but you’ll not see certain things coming and, ugh, I dare not say too much.

If you enjoyed the first two you’ll most likely have already read Boundless. If you haven’t, borrow the first, Unearthly, from the library to get a feel for the characters and the plot points, and then get swept up in the magic that is The Unearthly Series. Dare you to not get emotionally attached.

Paperback, 448 pages

Published February 1st 2013 by Harper Collins Australia (first published January 1st 2013)

ISBN: 9780732292621

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