Bel Reviews: Jennifer E Smith’s – “The Geography of You and Me”

smith_geographyThe thought of being stuck in a lift in the middle of a black out in New York City is enough to get me sweaty and fidgety. It hardly sounds like the beginning of a romance novel. In true Jennifer E Smith style, this is exactly how Owen and Lucy kick off their relationship.

I adore Jennifer’s books. They’re sweet, and a gentle reminder that you don’t always have to be reading about zombies and post-apocalyptic stuff to be on the edge of your seat. Sure, if romance isn’t your thing then skip this one, because it’s mush central. I adore the stuff. It makes my heart light. Sometimes we just need that.

Owen, as a character, is a little like a woollen blanket; a little scratchy, and not as soft as others, but he’d keep you warm if you were to embrace him. He works hard to keep his family on top of things and is flawed, but in a way you can forgive.

If you don’t well up with tears at least once, you’re a much stronger person than I.

Geography and the other books in this…what would you call it…sequence(?) have never failed to pick me up, break a funk, and make me smile with their humour and innocence.

The next book, Hello, Goodbye and Everything In Between, isn’t due until September 2015. My gosh, that’s an eternity away. I know it’ll be worth the wait.

Paperback, 337 pages

Published April 10th 2014 by Headline (first published January 1st 2014)

ISBN 1472206290 (ISBN13: 9781472206299)

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