Bel Reviews: Jessica Shirvington's - "Embrace" (audio book)

Shirvington_Embrace_audioEmbrace in MP3 Audio Book Format

Book written by Jessica Shirvington Read by Rebecca Macauley

The copy of the audio book I received from Bolinda Audio to review has a cover reminiscent of the US hard cover. Purple background with a pretty girl facing away from us with black feathers and beautiful wings in a sort of smoky impression, foretelling that the story is about Angels. The design by Andrea C. Uva is effective and pleasing to the eye.

The impression I got from reading Embrace in paperback, was that the story wasn’t necessarily set in Australia, though with this unabridged, 9 hour 57 minute, narration by Rebecca Macauley, it is firmly set somewhere on Aussie soil. It seems right that Violet has an Aussie accent.

I find some female narrators struggle with projecting their male voice in a convincing way, and after a while of hearing Rebecca my mind wasn’t sending warnings about all the voices being a girl. That takes serious vocal skill.

Rebecca beautifully picks up on the tensions between characters and I caught myself gnashing my teeth constantly in the awkward scenes. She possesses the clout and the innocence needed to convincingly read this series.

Lisa, Krista and I reviewed Embrace in the September 2012, Burn Bright Book Club.

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Published by Bolinda Audio in April 2012

ISBN/ ISBN-13 and APN     9871743106648

BAB 120424

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