Bel Reviews: Jessica Shirvington's - "Empower"

Shirvington_Empower-cover-AUSWow! How does one review the last book in a series a) without giving away HUGE spoilers to the 4 books previous in the series, and b) without giving away all the important bits in this book?

I was given a copy of the trade paperback to read, but as I’ve been plagued by migraines of late, I enlisted the lovely efforts of both Bolinda Audio and Brisbane City Council Libraries to keep up with, not only the in-between books, Entice, Emblaze, and Endless, but also this final instalment in the Violet Eden Chapters, Empower.  Online borrowing is da bomb.

The journey has been far from easy for Violet. I believe Empower is most certainly the best and most satisfying book of the lot. You’ll be swept up in the maelstrom of insanity, but the resolutions are exactly how they should be. The series really should be read in the correct order to gain maximum inpact.

Rebecca Macauly’s voice has brought the series to life for me, and on more than one occasion I caught myself tearing up or gasping in horror of what Jessica has Violet enduring.  For me, this is what Violet sounds like, and I genuinely hope you’ll give the audio books a chance.

Purchase the Violet Eden Chapters from Bolinda Audio

If you are a member of the Brisbane City Council Libraries you can borrow the audio books online, through the BCC online catalogue, just follow the links and log in to borrow anywhere up to 10 books for 14 days.

 Paperback, 464 pages

Published, November 12th 2013

ISBN 0734415109 (ISBN13: 9780734415103)


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