Bel Reviews: Kelley Armstrong's - "Omen"

armstrong_OmensI posted on Facebook not long after starting this book, that it was making my fear of crowds simmer to the surface. I work really hard to get past that phobia, so this is a testament to the quality of imagery and strong storytelling by Kelley in her new series.

Olivia has her life turned inside out when the truth of her parentage comes to light, after the death of the man she thought was her father. She goes from her high society lifestyle to being reduced to the child of parents who were convicted of 8 serial murders.

She falls from grace, well, gracefully, and does what we’re cheering for her to do… take on the world and stand on her own two feet.

Armstrong has a real knack for making strong female characters but not at the expense of having strong male characters. Her girls can save themselves and take on the unsavoury element without castrating and belittling her hero. Olivia is no different, and Gabriel is the perfect mix of creeper and hunky behemoth.

There is plenty of superstition woven through the book. The plot thickens quicker than corn flour slurry, and, there are no lumpy bits either.

I love the eerie setting of Cainsville, and the townsfolk are goose-bump worthy weirdos.

I’m not usually one to seek out a book I know is going to give me the creeps, but I will certainly be looking for book two, Visions, which is due out in August 2014. There is more fun to be had in Cainsville… Bring it on!  

Hardcover, 486 pages

Published August 20th 2013 by Sphere



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