Bel Reviews: Lauren Galley's - "Steps to Success"

StepsToSuccess-thumbI don’t quite know how to start this review without getting sidetracked into stories from my childhood. Guess since I’ve just read this book I’ll go with my gut and be authentically, unapologetically myself.

During my first 3 years of high school, I hung out with the friends I’d had from primary school. It was the road of least resistance, however it wasn’t a chapter of my life that makes me proud.

I have vivid memories of the hurt looks in the eyes of my family as I spoke obnoxiously to them, of the loneliness I felt when Mum had had enough of my attitude, and would pull away. The time I was really rude to my LOTE (languages other than English) teacher and failing miserably because I couldn’t be bothered to study. Then there was the constant seeking of approval from my paternal side of the family, when really I needn’t have bothered. Some people can simply never be pleased.

Luckily, I had a little wake up call at the end of tenth grade and decided I needed a drastic change of scene. So I changed schools, found more genuine and loving friends and tried to pull together what little self respect I had left. I joined a cover band (was fired from the cover band) and eventually realised Home Economics is NOT my thing. *still isn’t*

It is now *cough* years later and I am seriously only just feeling like I am becoming the true me. I turn 31 this year… and let me tell you I could have really used a book like Lauren’s when I was dealing with all of the above… even if it was just so I didn’t spend so many years faffing around and making excuses.

Lauren GalleySteps to Success is designed to be a quick read, though I suggest you use it as a workbook of sorts. You’ll find sensible, achievable step by step ways to becoming a better you.

Which, since the only person who gets to decide how you’re going to think and behave is you, you may as well learn how to do effectively from the inside out.

I’ve let my daughter (almost 12) have a quick glance at it, but she feels it isn’t relevant to her yet… I honestly think there are chapters in there that are completely relevant, but I’ll leave her be. She’ll know when she’s ready.

The target audience is from 11-19 however I think it will be useful for anyone, male or female, of almost any age.

If you take the journey through Lauren’s Steps to Success now, then at your 20 year high school reunion when people are saying that you haven’t changed a bit, you’ll be able to be extremely proud to hear it.

Go ahead and get a head start on becoming a Girl Above Society.

Read our interview with Lauren Galley.

Paperback, 54 Pages

Published August 2nd 2013 by Lauren Galley

ISBN 0615834884 (ISBN13:9780615834887)

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