Bel Reviews: Marianne Curley's - "Broken"

Curley_brokenThe cover art for the second book in the Avena series is just as eye-catching as that of Hidden, book 1. Though it lacks the foiling that had me in a flap last year, this one is layered in such a way that your eye picks up different aspects of the picture with each glance. The girl staring through a broken pane of glass, and the swirly detail done in a glossy overlay, mean there are textures and emphasis that come to the forefront of the picture. It is quite an effective way of adding dimension.

We pick up the storyline from the end of Hidden. The situation is tense, and three is most certainly a crowd. Nathaniel is forced to face the consequences of his actions in the angel realm, as those who work against him move in to stake their claim.

My one and only qualm about this instalment is that I’m quite torn by how Ebony reacts and how she should react to the dynamic between the angel characters and herself. I lost track of how many times the words, ‘You have what I want,’ were uttered from one guy to the other, in her presence, and yet not once did she balk at the way they were speaking about her as if she were a possession and not even acknowledging her as a living being. It might have been my inner dialogue getting in the way, but once I thought about it, I couldn’t un-see it.

Putting that aside, the world building is beautiful; the use of high end supercars is completely unbelievable, but very cool. I love the evolution of the relationship between Ebony and Jordan, and if I could have Amber as my best friend, I’d be set for life.

Marianne really has the series teetering on the edge. I cannot wait for the next book to be released so we can all take the plunge and see where these crazy ass angels are taking us.

Will Ebony demand her place in Avena, or will Nathaniel be out of luck… and what of Jordan?

The waiting will be difficult to do patiently.

Paperback, First, 372 pages

Published March 1st 2014 by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

ISBN13 9781408822708


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