Bel Reviews: Monica Seles - "Game On"

Seles_Game On cover

Maya has worked incredibly hard to get her scholarship to the elite Academy where only the rich and talented are accepted to become Olympic level champions. All is not well when she finds out what it will take to get ahead in the school. How will she find her feet again after her world comes crashing down? Which of the Reed brothers will rise to the occasion, and which one will break her heart?

Unsurprisingly, our protagonist, and antagonist, are both tennis players. I would expect nothing less from the highly decorated Monica Seles. However, tennis takes a back seat for a fair bit of the book and we explore other themes and elements that make up the lives of the elite few.

There are references to sexting and cyber bullying, though I’m not sure it is taken seriously enough for it to ring true. There were mild consequences and I felt like it was laughed off rather than being dealt with as the serious criminal offence that it is.

That being said there was a suitable amount of time given to the inconsistency of discipline handed out to the affluent students compared to the hard working scholarship students. Money may not buy you happiness, but along with popularity, will get you an extension on an overdue assignment!

This will be a good spring read as there aren’t a whole lot of complicated plot lines and the characters are somewhat predictable. It is enjoyable without being taxing.

The next book Love Match is due in February 2014. I’m looking forward to it.

Paperback, 242 pages

Published June 6th 2013 by Bloomsbury UK

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