Bel Reviews: Sherrilyn Kenyon—"Invincible"

I was thrilled to find this book on the shelves at my local Kmart, as the first book in the Chronicles of Nick had me twisted in its magic so firmly, that finishing the book felt like I was missing out on something.  The wait for this chapter of the chronicles turned out to be well worth it.

Nick Gautier (Go-Shay) is recovering from the traumas at the end of book 1, Infinity. The principal and coach are replaced before the crime scene tape is even removed, and things start looking up for his Mum, who gratefully takes a job at Sanctuary, a bar owned by were-bears.

Nick knows he’s not your run-of-the-mill teenage boy, and begins lessons with the supernatural beings sent to help him on his journey—wherever that may take him. Everything seems to bleed back into a form of normalcy until one of the new staff members blackmails Nick into criminal activity, in return for not pointing the finger at him over a spate of thefts at the school.

It is up to Nick to untangle the web to save the lives of his classmates, and to take one step closer to his destiny. He just has to step in the right direction. Will his decisions be the right ones?

I’m pleased to see Sherrilyn has kept true to her form and is blending the pictures of these chronicles to enhance those she created with the Dark Hunter and the Were-Hunter series. I am impressed at the meticulous care she takes to not sully the storylines that already exist by throwing something in from left field.

In the dedication Sherrilyn thanks her sons “who wanted a book to share with their friends.” I think she has managed to do just that. The book, I feel, would suit both sexes. There is action and angst for the boys and a hint of drama and romance for those of the fairer sex who prefer it. Humour takes some of the rough edges off, and as Nick has a very mischievous nature, his mouth is a constant source of both trouble and wit. His interaction with the other characters in this enthralling reality certainly rings true.

The only drawback to this series is the books are read so quickly. I’m left now wanting badly to be able to move onto the next book; but alas, I will have to wait patiently with bated breath.

The next instalment in the Chronicles of Nick is Infamous and it should be out early in 2012.

X Belinda X

Invincible (Chronicles of Nick Book 2)—Sherrilyn Kenyon

Published 29 March, 2011, by Atom

Paperback, 320 Pages

ISBN: 1907410236

EAN: 9781907410239

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