Bel reviews: Sherrilyn Kenyon's - Infamous (audio bk)

I have had a really long love affair with the books written by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I adored the first two books in the Chronicles of Nick series and I feel book three, Infamous is the strongest book in this series to date.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on an audio book copy of this novel and the narration is done beautifully by Holter Graham. I got a completely different experience with having the book read to me rather than reading it to myself. If you have the means I wholly recommend allowing Holter to woo you with the book. Anyway, let’s cut to the chase.

Nick found out the truth about his ‘uncle’ Ambrose and is having a bit of a John Conner, Terminator moment. He has enough on his plate with the 2 jobs, school, his mum and his virtually nonexistent social life – but to then find out your older self has come back in time to try and get you to fix your life so you don’t turn into a heartless evil monster; is a little more than even Nick can take.

To add insult to injury, some loser is targeting people at school, telling secrets and doctoring explicit photos. Not to mention making up vicious lies. Nick is caught up in the maelstrom of hate and it will take trust, willpower and the best efforts of Nick’s friends, to keep him from a fate worse than death.

I now know why Nick feels so awfully henpecked throughout this series by his overly protective mum. I hope all mothers don’t sound like that when we are in the throes of a stress attack over our children. Even I wanted to yell at Cherise for not letting her son explain himself. Funnily, when reading in my head, she never sounded quite that manic.

We still have the cheeky repartee that is typical of Nick, but I was surprised by a certain scene with Kody that had me doing the ugly cry. Battling your personal demons isn’t easy for anyone, and Sherrilyn approached the subject with dignity. The monologue was beautiful and I’m sure if more people had friends like Kody in their lives, the world would be a different place.

Your jaw will hit the floor with some bits and for the most part, this is a book that should come with a choking warning, Talon sounding like a Valley Girl, need I say more.

I tell you it is going to be a really hard thing to wait for the next installment of the Chronicles of Nick with the book, Inferno not due until March 2013. That’s an eternity away!

If you’ve read Infamous, please, tell us what you thought.

Audio Book Info

ISBN 1427214891 (ISBN13: 9781427214898)

Macmillan Audio Narrated by Holter Graham

Book Info

Paperback, 358 pages

Published March 13th 2012 by Atom

ISBN 1907411550 (ISBN13: 9781907411557)

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