Bel Reviews: Teri Terry's - "Slated" and "Fractured"

Terry_slated1How fun is it when you’re handed, not one but two, books in a series for a gift? I had the absolute joy of becoming the proud owner of Slated and Fractured by Teri Terry this November.

I’d been eyeing the books off for quite a while, but as I am an extremely visual person, I didn’t really connect with the cover art. I am pleased to say this is definitely on the ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ list. The journey within both books isn’t given an iota of a clue with the cover.

Could you imagine waking up, unable to walk, talk or remember who you are, or were? Nightmarish right? Now picture the whole reason you can’t remember being because you’ve been wiped clean like a slate, as punishment for criminal activity you can not even remember. But what if you began to remember?

Enter Kyla’s internal nightmare as she learns the crushing truth behind the government’s protocol known as slating, and in book two, Fractured, she discovers the reality of how she got there in the first place.

I ploughed through these two rather large novels in under 4 days. They are completely engrossing and incredibly addictive. Don’t bee too surprised if you find the book leaking into your dreams and has you staring out the window when you’re not reading.

Terry_fracturedThe things I enjoyed the most would have to be the family and friend dynamics, the relationships between the Slated and the non slated, adult to child. We are constantly having to blur the line between what we would consider to be acceptable and what’s beyond not okay.

You’ll have to make up your own mind as to if you think reactions are rational or within believable limits, but I think if I had a consequence like being slated ahead of me I’d become less opinionated pretty damn quick.

Teri Terry has spun an incredible web and her hero has a dangerous sting in her tail.

Book three, Shattered is due in March 2014, and this time I will not hesitate to pick it up.





Paperback, 448 pages

Published May 3rd 2012 by Orchard Books

ISBN 1408319462 (ISBN13: 9781408319468)



Paperback, 432 pages

Published April 4th 2013 by Orchard Books

ISBN 148319489 (ISBN13: 9781408319482)

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