Belinda Reviews: Carrie Jones - "Need" and "Captivate"

I had a wonderful friend in my first few years of high school who shares the first name as the protagonist in Jones’s series.

Zara was, and is, certainly one of the ‘shining ones‘. A sunny demeanor, ready to help anyone who needs her, and is always willing to stand up for justice. In my eyes Carrie Jones certainly pegged her character perfectly, well, that is if I was comparing her to the only Zara I’ve ever known.

In Jones’s story, Zara’s step-dad dies. She’s not coping very well, and is sent away from home to live with her step-grandmother to recover. She starts a new school, meets new friends and makes enemies just like any ordinary person. Unfortunately for Zara, that’s where the ordinary ends.

There’s a strange man popping up unexpectedly and he’s obviously never heard that pointing is rude. He’s a creepy dude and according to a good internet search engine, the research says he’s a Pixie.

The friends band together to overcome adversity, whether it be dealing with the ‘popular girl’, pulling arrows out of huge animals, taping knives and forks to a house, or holding each other as dramas unfold.

The one thing Zara has to avoid at all costs is being Pixie kissed even if it means saving the love of her life, Nick.

Though the lovey-dovey parts of both books are a little slow, the scenes leave you feeling as if you’re part of the group, not so much a fifth wheel. I do warn you though, try not to read these if you’ve just gone through a break up or are having a rocky patch.

The action sequences are lively and the mix of supernatural beings is fresh. Issie would have to be my favourite character above all others. She’s got just the right balance of ditz and devoted friend to satisfy my tastes.

I finished book 1 (Need) in an afternoon, so the books are easy reading.

Perfect for a lazy weekend. Just be sure to have both books close at hand because you’ll be chomping at the bit to keep reading.

  • Bloomsbury Publishing
  • ISBN-10: 1599903385 ISBN-13: 978-1599903385

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