Belinda Reviews: Kristen Painter's - "Flesh and Blood"

This is the second book in an extraordinary series about an unlikely bunch of supernatural creatures and their battle to prevent evil from taking over the world.

On the cover of book two, Flesh and Blood, Chrysabelle has shed her innocent look and donned costuming that can only be described as kick-ass battle armor. The artist has stuck with the dramatic contrasts between the doom and gloom of dark blacks and greys, and eye popping scarlet and gold.

“The covenant holding the othernatural and our mortal world apart has broken, promising a dark future for humankind. The Ring of Sorrows will be crucial in salvaging this mess – but this powerful artifact is missing and Chrysabelle was the last to see it, placing her life in danger.

But instead of lying low, she must fulfill her debt to the undead outcast Malkolm. This requires them to return to the hidden vampire city of Corvinestri, the very last place either of them will find safety. Especially when they will encounter power-hungry witches, Kubai Mata warriors and a host of hostile vampires.

If Chrysabelle survives her choices, what’s left of her life will never be the same.”

As with book one, Blood Rights, there is a feast of storyline choices, and every one of them is superbly fashioned and equally gripping. We are introduced to Creek a Kubai Mata Warrior (a supernatural being, even the other long lived beings thought were fairy tales and nothing more) who seems to be competing for the attentions of our heroine. But does he have an alternate purpose for wooing Chrysabelle?

I still have an extreme hatred for Tatiana and a soft spot in my heart for Doc.

It’s difficult to not give the entire game away but I’ll stop there, so you have plenty left to look forward to. Word of advice, be sure to have book 3, Bad Blood on hand, because the final plot runs so quickly you’ll be driven mad with wanting to know what happens next if you’re unprepared.

Paperback, 416 pages

Published November 2011 by Orbit

ISBN 1841499706 (ISBN13: 9781841499703)

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