Belinda Reviews: Kristen Painter's - "Out of Blood"

By the end of book 3 of the House of Comarré series, Bad Blood, I was feeling a little concerned with how much more awesomeness could be written about the characters in this universe. There has to be a limit, and stupidly, I thought that limit had been reached.

Then I was handed Out for Blood, which is book 4, and I have now learned my lesson. Do Not Underestimate Kristen Painter and her wealth of plotty goodness. It even warns you on the front with a quote from Patricia Briggs… ‘It’s un-put-downable.

I have raved in past reviews of the beautiful cover art which is designed by Lauren Panepinto and the incredible illustrations are by Nekro. To round out this series with matching covers will be beyond cool. This time around Chrysabelle is wielding a pair of extremely dangerous looking daggers that practically glow with the brightness of the orange used to accent them. We still have the black, white, red and gold theme the books are known for, and it displays equal artistry with the others.

My life has been in a little crazy lately so I was forced to take my time to read Out for Blood, rather than blazing through it and being left breathless by the mix of drama, action and romance. I had to snatch any chance I had, and it didn’t diminish the depths to which you were immersed, even in 20 minute busts.

Mal is put into an awful position where he has to face his fears, Chrysabelle discovers the repercussions of the plot line from book 3 and so does Doc. I still want to hit Tatiana in the worst way and there are surprises along the way I don’t want to spoil for you.

Now I am going to be in agony waiting until some time next year when book 5, the final House of Comarré book, aptly entitled, Last Blood, is published. Judging by the picture on goodreads, we have some more glorious cover art and I am itching to find out how Painter plans to tie up everything, and if there really will be a happy ending.

Mass Market Paperback, 480 pages

Published October 30th 2012 by Orbit

ISBN 0316200174 (ISBN13: 9780316200172

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