Belinda Reviews: Lisi Harrison – "Monster High"

Salem, Oregon, has become a safe haven for the monster community. What the ‘normies’ (regular people) don’t know, is some of the most famous monsters live amongst them, making HUGE changes to their lives to appear ‘normal‘.

Go Green is the message of this generation. Frankie Stein, consumer, student and RAD (Regular Attribute Dodger) is devastated when she finds out this message is referring to environmental awareness, and not, in fact, the colour of her body. She’s told to cover up her bolts, stitches and mint green skin by her parents, so she can attend Merston High, appearing to be a regular teenage girl.

While you’re running into the unapologetic plugs from every label and brand within popular teen culture like cobwebs on Halloween, there are important messages within the story.

Be yourself, if your friends don’t like you for who you are, they’re not really your friends.

Lisi captures the unrelenting battle to fit in every day accurately. I wanted to slap the monster parents for forcing their kids to assimilate. Teen years are hard enough without the added stress of having to hide your true self. The image of the poor werewolf having to go through constant waxing or suffer the wrath of PETA protestors for wearing real fur, was one that will stick with me.

Though there is a serious side, you will still be finding yourself giggling the whole way through.

I’ll be impatiently hanging out until April 2011 when the next installment of Monster High will be released along with Monster High merchandise by Mattel.  Sounds like a whole bunch fun to me.

Monster High – Lisi Harrison
September 1, 2010 by Poppy
Hardcover: 272 pages
ISBN:  9780316099189
ISBN-10: 031609918X
ISBN-13: 978-0316099189

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