Belinda Reviews: M.J. Hearle's - "Winter's Light"

Winter’s Light is the spellbinding sequel to Winter’s Shadow.

Blake gave his life for hers. Winter pines for him, but her calls have made her a beacon to those who would devour her. She has a vision of Blake while at an after-graduation party and only pure determination helps her survive the attack that follows; well, determination and Sam’s spontaneous return to Hagan’s Bluff after months on the run.

Sam’s family offer Winter a way to get Blake back and she jumps at the chance. But has Winter put her trust in the right people? Did she look before she leapt? Will she ever see Blake again?

I was a little ambivalent about reading book 2 after having some misgivings about how Winter seemed like such a push over in book 1.

I’m glad to say she had a cup of concrete somewhere in the interim, and with the help of her friends she has made me proud. She may pine for Blake but she is ready to do whatever it takes to get him back, even if it includes kicking some serious Demori butt.

We get to know a side of Lucy’s boyfriend, Dominic, I didn’t see coming, and Jasmine is a welcome addition to the plotline. The new characters offer a feast of potential dramas and you wouldn’t believe the ending even if I did spoil it for you.

The book is again split into 3 separate parts. Blake’s journal, Lamara’s retelling of her journey to the Dead Lands and an adventurous, suspenseful journey with Winter to get to Blake. Each one playing its part in making us want Winter to succeed.

M.J. Hearle has done a wonderful job crating a foreboding setting for the Bonnaires’ residence; the weather also playing a big part in the sinister ambience surrounding this mysterious band of warriors.

I got this book read over a very rainy and drab weekend, curled up with my cat. I was engrossed enough that the rain simply became part of the story, and I think it added to the gloomy air we were to be immersed in.

Switch your mobile phones to silent and make yourself invisible on facebook, because once you pick up Winter’s Light you won’t want to be disturbed until you’ve finished.

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Paperback 441 pages

Expected publication: May 1st 2012 by Pan Macmillan Australia


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