Belinda Reviews: M J Hearles' - "Winter's Shadow"

The Principal told Winter Adams she has to try a little harder at school and consigns her as the photographer for the school newspaper. On her first assignment, she observes a beautiful stranger, and by taking his picture, sets into motion, a series of events that will forever change the way Winter views both herself and the world around her.

The chapter viewpoints shift between Blake’s mother in the late 1800’s and Winter in the present day. We’re finding out about the things that make Blake tick and also living through the revelation of truth as it hits Winter head on.

The cover art shows a red haired girl clinging helplessly to a young man. The teal hues of the forest that surround the couple make the flaming red of her hair pop. It is certainly eye catching with a romantic ambience.

I enjoyed the curly circumstances that come from left field adding an extraordinary level of adversity to overcome.

I thought perhaps Winter could have fought a little more rather than being the personification of a damsel in distress. I don’t quite know if it is my own prejudices or if I am just being hyper aware, but after so many accidents… if I was Winter I would have at least made myself fight back or avoid certain situations.

The end is left open for the next installment and my only hope for the next book is that Winter stops being such a push over.

All in all, the book was enjoyable and made a dreary rainy day far more pleasurable.


B-Format Paperback

Pub. Date:

Children’s: General Fiction

Macmillan Australia

432 page/s

Stock, Available

$19.99 AUD

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