Big 4 Interview: Kayti Designs

Belinda_kisses_tnInterview by Belinda Hamilton.



You’ve been working closely with Lauren M. Galley to create beautifully vivid and fun images for her website, self awareness book, Steps to Success, and merchandising for Girls above Society… Did you learn anything new about your artistic process during the collaboration work?

Oh definitely for Girls Above Society. What Lauren needed was an identity and since she is the face of Girls Above Society, her logo needed to show her and not just a clever symbol. The logo she has now was entirely her idea. She had it in her head – she just needed someone to draw it for her. This was the first opportunity I had to create a character from a person who actually exists, as opposed to a made-up character. Everything about this character needed to represent the spirit of Lauren who is also the spirit of Girls Above Society. Lauren makes it very easy to design for her and I work hard to keep the illustrations fun, confident, loving, silly, and inspiring – just like Lauren and the message she is communicating to all the girls whose lives she touches. Lauren is inspiring and teaches me something every day that reflects in my new work for them. 

BU-Illustration-BurnBrightI get the feeling that drawing and creating pictures makes you extremely happy. Have you found that having your hobby become your job has taken some of the shine off, or does it allow you to go into your happy place more often than is generally allowed for a job.

I get asked that question a lot but the fact of the matter is that I often feel guilty people even pay me to do this. To create for others is something I consider to be a real blessing. I am so very grateful and humble that I have the opportunity to touch other people through my designs. Sure, I have those days where I am dealing with a tough client, or have a technical headache – but I get to wake up and do what I absolutely love every day, and I know not everyone can say that. 

From looking at your blog lots of your work is quite positive, bright, and inspirational. How do you get through the days when you are just not feeling all that bouncy? Do you draw the darker stuff and keep it hidden away?

GirlsAboveSociety-Logo-web-e1368412419992Well, for me art is the thing that MAKES me happy. It is the one true therapy that works. Often times, if I am feeling discouraged or upset about something I will illustrate my situation in a funny manner to make me laugh or draw something purely for my own entertainment. And yes, perhaps not all these illustrations see the light of day as they’re mainly for my own enjoyment.  I also listen to a lot of music that helps my mood. Or I just go for a walk and take in the fresh air when I feel a creative lull. It is so important to keep your creative spirit alive and well fed!  I think this goes for anyone – but it is especially important to those who create for a living. 

What drawing of yours burns the brightest and why?

The drawing for Girls Above Society that burns the brightest for me would have to be her signature illustration.  Lauren’s signature phrase is “BU – There’s no one else like it” – which is a message to girls to be themselves and love themselves for who they are because nobody else in the world is like them.  I wanted this drawing to show pure joy and self love. I love the hand drawn look of imperfection. It lends a lot of personality to Lauren’s message. Coupled with the bright, vivid colours, I just smile whenever I see it. And any design that brings me such joy to create is the one that burns the brightest. 

 Kayti DesignsBIO:

Kayti Welsh is a graphic designer whose focus is identity. Her ability to create & brand has allowed Kayti to visually express a product, cause or identity that is impressive and unique to the eye. Her work has covered books, logos, websites, & non profit activism in the areas of bullying and self confidence. Kayti’s belief in communicating is apparent in her work ethic and finished product. Her passion for the greater good comes from her family’s lifetime dedication to helping others. To learn more about Kayti, visit She would love to hear from you. You may email her directly at

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