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Thanks so much for inviting me on today!  I’m very excited to answer the questions and share a bit of myself with you all!

Do you have a favorite book you read over and over throughout the years?

Yes!  Jacqueline Carey writes adult books (warning, VERY adult books!) and I am a HUGE fan of her Kushiel’s books.  These are three different trilogies but they start with Kushiel’s Dart.  The second book is my most favorite though.  It’s called Kushiel’s Chosen and is an AMAZING fantasy book with epic travel, pirates (who doesn’t love pirates!), romance that will sweep you off your feet and a world that will totally blow your mind!  You can find the first book, Kushiel’s Dart, on goodreads HERE.  Just be warned that the beginning is slow, but it’s SO worth sticking with it!  Aw, I just want to reread them right now!

What is your favorite new trend in YA? (Dystopian, Angels, Vampires etc)?

Fantasy.  It seems like high fantasy is becoming more and more popular in YA and I love it!  I have found it to be my current favorite genre.  But I’m an eclectic reader, that may change. 🙂

If another blogger from another country visited you, where would you take them to visit first?

First of all, Powell’s bookstore.  At least if they are reader.  Well, probably even if they aren’t 😉  I’m just over the bridge from Portland Oregon and Powell’s is downtown so we can also hit up Voodoo donuts (if we don’t mind standing in a long line) and the waterfront.  I don’t have any pictures of those places, sorry!  But the next place is the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon side.  From the Vista house you can see down in the valley of the Gorge and it’s GORGEOUS.  There’s also a ton of waterfalls you can stop and visit, including Multnomah Falls, which is the most famous.  *The picture included is just one of the many smaller falls.*  I’m lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the US!

Tell us about a local author you enjoy reading.

I’m very active with the local author scene and try to attend as many events as possible.  I even run a blog (a different one called Novels, News and Notes From Your Northwest Readers) that features authors in the Pacific Northwest.  One of my all time favorites is Lisa Schroeder.  Her newest book, Falling for You was just released and is stunning, you must read it!  While this newest one is not in verse, her other YA books are.  She also writes adorable middle grade books and even children’s books.  We love them all!  Lisa is just one of many amazing authors from the Portland Oregon area though!

Thanks so much and I hope you’ll take the time to stop by my blog, Candace’s Book Blog, where I blog about a very mixed bag of books.  I read mostly YA but there’s some MG and adult books mixed in with an occasional children’s book as well.  I also run CBB Book Promotions where I do blog tours and other book publicity (cover reveals, find reviewers, pretty much anything…).


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  • I agree with Candace that it’s great high fantasy is starting to get more traction in YA. It’s such a rich genre. I haven’t heard of the Kushiel books before. I’ll have to check it out.

  • Thanks so much for inviting me to be on the blog! It was fun answering the questions!

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