Books Are Cool: Wiebke from 1Book 1Review

Today Krista and Burn Bright talks to German book blogger Wiebke at


New book review every Friday.

And random other things about books. I talk about books.

I read almost everything, but probably less crime fiction and chic lit than others.

  • *Pops head up warily,* Any chance they might consider reading my E books?
    *Ducks down apologetically, and goes back to writing book 3*

  • mdepierres

    Yes, she may. Contact her through her website, Chris.

  • mdepierres

    on second thoughts, leave a comment on one of Wiebke’s videos. She’ll see that.

  • Krista

    I love the background to your bookshelves, it’s such a unique thing to do to add some visuals to a room. Amazing idea!

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