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Hello fellow book geeks, we are David and Kelly. One rainy day when we had nothing better to do, we decided to start up our own site about the thing we love most – reading books. Here you will find reviews on the latest and best YA and fantasy books around as well as some favourites that never grow old.  Because Books Matter.

How often do you blog?

We blog around four times a week, generally trying to include two book reviews, a ‘Must Have Monday’ meme and a ‘Top Ten Tuesday’. Sometimes it differs if we are part of a blog tour or if we’re running a feature, things like that, but generally four posts per week.

How did you come up with the name for your blog?

When we were starting the blog, we knew that we wanted to focus on young adult books. We love books that fall under that category and it’s what we read most. So, we knew that we definitely wanted to include YA in the title. Eventually we decided to keep it simple and call ourselves YA Book Reads, as that it what we’d be talking about. =)

Favorite part of blogging?

David: Mine would definitely have to be the people. Blogging and vlogging allows you to come into contact with people that you would otherwise have never met or spoken to. It’s great to speak with people from all over the world about books. It’s like this universal thing that brings us all together and the reading community, especially the YA community, has so many wonderful people.

Kelly: Yeah again, I have to agree with David. The friendships I’ve made through blogging will last a lifetime and I’m lucky to have met some really awesome people. I also love when we get to interview some of our favourite authors and ask them questions we’ve been dying to know. That’s always awesome.

Which current reading trends have you been drawn to (dystopian, post apocalyptic etc)

David: I generally try to avoid trends, personally. I try to mix up my reading so that I don’t get bored with any particular genre. I do however really enjoy steampunk, so I’m glad see it as a trend. My main love is for fantasy and it’s been awesome to see this becoming more and more popular as the years go on. That being said, if the book sounds good, I’ll pick it up. I’ll even read vampire books to this day.

Kelly: I’m definitely a fantasy girl all the way. I have given contemporary novels a go more recently but to be honest – they’re not for me. Fantasy all the way. I must say recently I have read a lot of dystopian work and the more I read of it the more I want.

What is your favorite meme or post write up on your blog?

David: I like doing ‘Top Ten Tuesdays’. We have a lot of reviewers on our site and it’s so interesting to see how different each person’s answers are to the same questions. It’s a great way of finding out about new books, plus the geek in me loves writing out lists! =P

Kelly: I have to agree with David for this. I love doing the Top Ten Tuesday posts and pretty much for the same reasons as him. It is defiantly the one way I pick up on books that I hadn’t heard about and I love that they get me thinking about my top ten and usually cause an internal debate on which ones to choose.

Do you tend to like the hero/heroine/protagonist or the villain/antagonist?

David: I grew up on a healthy diet of Disney movies, Harry Potter books and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As a result I’m a sucker for a book with magic, a kick ass heroine, and a happy ending.

Kelly: Yeah I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and so love books with a worthy hero in them. Anything kick ass packed full of action has me going!

Where can you find them?

David: YouTubeGood Reads and

Twitter @yabookreads @DavidPurse @TheKellyMartin

Kelly: Goodreads

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