Angel Aria Reviews

Angel Arias by Marianne de Pierres
Book Two of The Night Creatures Trilogy

“This is a very good read, full of intriguing and strange characters, with betrayal and danger always just around the corner. Fast paced, original and with a slightly steam-punk feel (in the form of airships, carriages that walk on legs and abandoned underground cities)…”

– Highly Recommended by Read Plus

“Angel Arias is an electrifying novel with great world-building, characters and plot. I found it to be much more exciting than the first and it completely exceeded my expectations! You won’t be able to put the book down because something important is always happening and it is a fantastic continuation of a truly unique series. I cannot wait to read Blaze Dark to see what will happen next! Marianne loves her cliffhangers and is determined to torture us until next year…”

– Read Me Bookmark me Love Me

“Marianne has a unique gift for weaving a world that grabs your attention from the very first word to the very last; and leaves you wishing for just a few more pages so the magic doesn’t have to end.”

– Confessions of a Booky Monster

“The phenomenal creatures in this book turned my world upside down. I encountered such a surreal picture in my head from Angel Arias to the point where I stayed up reading to the late hours of the morning trying to feed my excitement.”

– The Book Gryffin

“Angel Arias is a captivating sequel that outdoes its predecessor – well, for me at least.”

– Book Probe

“Burn Bright was a chilling and twisting tale of a world fallen into almost unimaginable decay and strong characters working to pick it back up again. Atmospheric and intoxicating, I recommend it for fans of darker paranormals and dystopias.”

– In The Good Books

“You’ll be glued to every page, you’ll be perched on the edge of your seat. You’ll be left wanting more. It’s an adventure you seriously don’t want to miss, believe me! I finished this book within a few hours of reading, I just couldn’t put it down and If I had to it killed me.”

– Sassy Book Lovers

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