Emo Traders

Marianne’s young adult novel in progress.


emotraders-marianneEmo Traders


The doorman’s teeth are like daggers. Sharp. Pearly.

He lets us in to the club. Sammie and me. Our first time in Dusk City.

We get drinks and watch the dancers.

I feel sick, shivery, frightened to be here.

But a dare’s a dare…


Dusk Quarter

There’s a side to the city called the Dusk Quarter – a place of whims and dark fantasies. The entrance to it lurks behind doors, down alleys, on darkened roofs.  Ordinary citizens get one free pass to visit Dusk. After that, if they wish to enter they must leave a part of themselves with … the Emo Traders…


*author note: this manuscript is not under contract but will be completed in 2014.

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