Burn Bright Book Club: Angel Arias by Marianne de Pierres

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781742751016

Imprint: Random House Australia Childrens

Published: 03/10/2011



Retra – now called Naif – has escaped from Ixion, the island of ever-night. She doesn’t know if her friends on the island survived the battle between the Ripers and the rebels. But she does know that she must return home, behind the sealed walls of Grave, to find out why the Ripers have been seen there talking to the councillors. What links the two worlds?

Editorial Reviews


* ‘Brilliant storytelling. Riveting and unforgettable.’ Lauren Kate, author of FALLEN

* ‘I seriously LOVED this book … It’s dark and wild, unpredictable and somehow enchanting.’ inkcrush.blogspot.com

* ‘Absolutely raw and intoxicating … Do yourself a favour and pick up BURN BRIGHT if you’re a fan of dystopian fiction.’ nicegirlsreadbooks.com

Belinda Says:


Jaroslaw Kubicki’s illustration and the design work by Astred Hicks blend so very well. In my mind this cover is somewhat resembling Ruzalia.


Naif is complimented beautifully by the supporting cast.


Liam. He’s sure of himself and tells Naif when she’s being somewhat dim. He’s kind hearted and strong. I wouldn’t mind having him as my tour guide.

Least Favourite

The Elders. Well, if you’ve read Angel Arias you’ll know exactly  why, and if not… there is a scene towards the end that cements my decision.


Naif has to convince Ruzalia to allow her to go back to Grave to investigate why a Riper was seen in conversations with an Elder.


It is a great adventure of dodging guards, dogs and locals who would tear them up and turn them in. They need to find out who is behind so many of the evils happening on Ixion.


Be careful what you wish for. Information can be dangerous and so can trying to catch an air ship when you’re on the run.


My heart was running a mile a minute for most of the book. The tension was thick and wonderful. I was saddened by the shortening of one character’s plotline and thrilled to know the third book will give me some answers. That sneaky Lenoir is gonna cop it.

Favourite Quotes

“Stupid you.” Liam

“You might land on the bridge. But you might not.” Jarrold

Lisa Says:


I can’t imagine how much hard work was put into making The Night Creatures’ covers! They both look amazing, not only are they awesome book covers, but their pieces of artwork, they are so pretty, and you can tell whoever worked on it put a lot of elbow grease and care into them!


What I really liked about the characters, were their names! A lot of them, are uncommon here in the states, I’m not sure if that’s the same in Australia. How different they were, and how they sounded when said out loud, made them very intriguing.


I really like a few characters in Angel Arias, but I really enjoyed Jarrold. He was just that little piece of comedy, in such a serious situation! He just seems like the perfect little brother, that would do anything to help out.

Least Favorite

I don’t really have one, but I wished we could learn more about Joel, and Ruzalia. They’re both so mysterious, and play huge roles in the series, but we don’t know much yet. Hopefully in the next book 🙂


To be honest, I was a little confused (nothing new, in the life of Lisa). There was just a lot going on, and a lot of different people. After re-reading it for the second time, I felt stupid for not catching on the first time. I would recommend reading the beginning slowly, a lot happens in a little bit of time!

Story Line

Had my attention in it’s grasp from the beginning to the ending! A few times throughout the book, it was hard for me, not to just turn to the ending and read what happens! It was very suspenseful!


The ending was keeping things open for the third book, I’m just glad they finally got on the ship, and are leaving Grave! And I was so happy that Liam was allowed to go too! He seems like such a sweet guy!

Overall Thoughts

LOVED IT! High expectations for the rest of the series!

2 Favorite Quotes

“Fross!” -Jarrold.

“Naif wanted to reassure him; erase his worry.”

Krista Says:


AMAZEBALLS! The picture does not do the cover justice. When you are holding the actual book in your hands it’s soft, it’s got vibrant colors and the colors just seem to melt into each other. Great visual and so velvety soft. Gorgeous



My absolutely favorite character in this book was Liam. I am so interested in how the night creatures interact with each other. How they view the world as a creature and of course what they have been through.

Least Favorite

Brand, a backstabber, not sure if anybody like that could be trusted, by anyone.


What I love most about this series so far is the constant action going on. Right from page one you are thrown into this fantastic world of light and dark, creatures and pirates. Naif is one of the best main characters to have, as she is very sympathetic to all of them and their struggles to try to just exist in such a complicated world, with so much anarchy and politics happening.


As Lenoir tells Naif “Times are Dangerous” it’s so true. There is not one island that is not going through some kind of turmoil. What I would really enjoy to see is if this series takes off and we get to see Naif or other characters travel to some of the other places we have not seen yet. Visit the people and the way they live and interact would be awesome. This is the first series that I have seriously considered doing some fan fiction for, it speaks to me that much. In this 2nd book in the series we see Naif and Markes travel back to Grave, there is constant movement, decisions and interactions between new and fantastic characters that all play a steady part in getting the answers they need and their quest.


Ah! that ending. Had my heart beating fast, not sure what was going to happen next! I loved that it does not end on a cliffhanger, but you just are not sure until that very last page what is going to happen.

Overall Thoughts

I read through it so fast that I feel that I need to go back and re-read it immediately to catch everything I missed in my fierceness. Besides the fast pace of the story and the new characters introduced, seeing the Island of Grave through both Naif’s and Markes’s eyes was like hearing about 2 different places. Naif’s childhood was so locked-down that Markes seemed to have lived on a whole other island, so as we travel through Markes’ hometown and the difference between the two was so imaginative all on it’s own. We do not see acutal chapters written from Markes’ view, but through the dialogue back and forth throughout the book.

Favorite Quotes

Well my favorite quotes would give some spoilers away but here are a couple other’s I liked.

“Naif felt his tentacle caress her again, This time, though, he was holding something as well. It was rough hessian and the smell from it was putrid, like something dead a few days. She tried to push him away but his tentacle was strong and persistent, not withdrawing until he’d wiped the cloth over her.”

“You slow. Is Dangerous.” His tentacles curled down, gripping the ends of the wood. As they watched he slid off the crate and nudged it away. Underneath was a grate, filthy with sludge. He plunged his tentacles into the gaps and pulled it aside. “There is drop.”

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  • wow great info, looks like we all saw a little bit differently while reading that’s fantastic. I hope that Jarrold will bring more humor into the next book, as it looks like it’s going to be all out war!
    I guess I did my bookclub topics a little different than the others :/ but this was fun!

  • Melanie Stevens

    Firstly, let me just say I loved this book.

    Angel Arias is as enchanting as it is dangerous. I had the pleasure of meeting Marianne at the Brisbane Supanova in November. Marianne mentioned to me that she was worried the book would be ‘too boring’. But having read it from cover to cover, and enjoying every moment of it, I have to disagree.

    The insight into the life that Naif had before reaching Ixion is incredibly valuable to the series. Angel Arias is a wonderful sequel to Burn Bright and defiantly will have readers, such as myself, eagerly awaiting the third instalment.

    I highly suggest this series if you are going through a novel dry spell and need something exciting and unique to bring you back to the world of reading.

    It worked for me!

  • MDP thought that it would be too boring? Ah! never I love this series and am so glad it’s living up to all my expectations, as being in the US it’s hard to get your hands on, but I found it all worth while, I love this series and Liam really touches my heart, I love him.
    I couldn’t agree with you more Melanie, this is a great series to pick up if your in a reading slump, fantastic adventure characters and world.

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