Burn Bright Book Club: Hallowed by Cynthia Hand

Reading level: Ages 13 and up
Hardcover: 416 pages
Publisher: HarperTeen (January 17, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0061996181
ISBN-13: 978- 0061996184



A red haired girl, I assume to be Clara is surrounded by a snow covered forest wearing a nightgown. It makes me feel cold just looking at it.

The cover is overlaid with a lovely, glossy, Celtic or tribal pattern.


The characters have evolved and moved on from the events of Unearthly and we are introduced to a few new ones.


Angela – she’s fearless and hungry for knowledge. She’s outspoken but speaks up for what she believes in.

Least Favourite

I’m going to go out on a limb and pick Michael for my least favourite character. He rubs me the wrong way and though he’s essentially a good character, I just don’t like him.


Clara is reeling from the repercussions from Unearthly but is plagued by more visions.


Her inner struggle over the new visions and whether to tell the pivotal person they are in danger make for some dramatic chapters.


The true meaning of the visions becomes clear. Cynthia Hand had me crying and not in a pretty way.


Besides the crying, I enjoyed this novel.  It travelled well and kept me intrigued even through the slightly predictable bits. I would still start with Unearthly though, as some of the character development begins its arc in the first book.

You’re left with hope, and that’s a great feeling after doing the ugly cry.


“Get your butt in here Carrots.” – Tucker


The U.S. Cover is gorgeous. Just like book one this has a pearl glimmer to it. Very gorgeous.



My favorite character is Billy. Although we don’t get to meet her until later in the story, and she is more of a side character. I hope to see her more prominent in the next book.

Least Favorite

I actually did not have a least favorite character in this book. I enjoyed the placement of all of the characters and they fit very well into their places. If I had to choose one, it would be Christian, just because he knew Clara and Tucker were dating, yet still stuck himself in the middle. Although, if I were in his place I would have done it to – so it’s a love/hate relationship.


In the beginning, I was nervous because of how the last book ended. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, and Clara seemed awfully depressed all the time. The new Angel Club that is formed introduces more characters and more details about angels and their abilities into the story. We learn about the way each of them was raised and how it affects their calling and the world they live in.


Without causing too many spoilers (because this is the 2nd book in the series), the love triangle between Tucker, Clara and Christian begins to develop more. There is something going on with Clara’s brother. He is being really secretive about and starting to act like an angsty teenager, upset by everything that comes along. The blackwing is still watching all of them, and there is a constant danger whenever they leave the hallowed grounds. They usually travel in groups just in case. And then finally, we get to see an introduction to several new characters whom I enjoyed and hope to see more of in the future.


There are a lot of sad moments in this book. The further the storyline progressed, the more the focus is taken away from Clara, and it made my heart hurt.The story focuses on three things, the Angel Club, the love triangle and family. The ending in this book was so sad, I had to keep tissues nearby. I guess mostly because we as the reader are brought the knowledge of what may be happening early in the book, but I think we have the hopes up that maybe something is going to happen to stop it. A lot of events happen all together and it will make you rethink a lot about what we learned about the characters in the first book.


My overall thoughts on the story is that it is one of the best versions of an Angel story out there. I think there is more to it than just the love triangle, even though that is in the forefront of what is happening. If you look beyond that you will see each character’s experiences and growth. This is not just a story about Clara and who she is going to choose. It’s a story about a family, albeit not a normal family, but nonetheless one that focuses on living life for the better and making those decisions that influence all of them – not just selfish ones. There is is a very sad tone to this part of the story, it was very well written and something that I did not see coming. I really enjoy the fact that I got something little deeper, even though it did break my heart.

“There’s nothing more inspiring than the complexity and beauty of the human heart.”

“I’ve learned that a storm isn’t always just bad weather, and a fire can be the start of something. I’ve found out that there are a lot more shades of gray in this world than I ever knew about. I’ve learned that sometimes, when you´re afraid but you keep on moving forward, that’s the biggest kind of courage there is. And finally, I’ve learned that life isn’t really about failure and success. It’s about being present, in the moment when big things happen, when everything changes, including myself.”

  • Ruby Replogle

    Hey all, i CANNOT wait to read this book! I just finished reading Unearthly – and it was amazing! These reviews are really great 🙂

  • some interesting events to happen in Hallow, Happy to hear you enjoyed Unearthly. This is by far one of my favorite angels stories out there

  • Very insightful reviews. I hadn’t been interested in this series until now. Unearthly and Hallowed are now officially on my TBR list.

    After reading how both Krista and Belinda talk about the sadness Hallowed radiates, I’m actually kind of scared to pick up the series. I love a good cry, though, and I’m curious to read what happens that would make a reader rethink their views on the characters.

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