Burn Bright Book Club: Shine Light by Marianne de Pierres



Jaroslaw Kubicki’s art and Astred Hicks’ know how have made, not only Shine Light, but this entire series into an artistic feast for the senses. It’s visually appealing, but the texture of the cover is something special. This really is an element the people who enjoy the ebook format should consider.

There aren’t many books on the shelves at this stage with the attention to detail as The Night Creatures Trilogy, so to own all three in paperback makes me feel privileged.


This is the wrap up book and the characters have travelled their personal journeys to get to this point; as you can expect they aren’t who they were in Burn Bright. It is up to you as to if you like who they have become.


Rollo. But you’ll have to read to find out why.

Least Favourite

Emilia. I know where she was coming from and why she is the way she was, but I still wanted to kick her.


Naif and her friends prepares to go back to Ixion.


Naif rallies the troops to deal with the issues on Ixion.


HA! Do you actually think I’ll tell you.


This was a short book, but so much happens that there isn’t a wasted page. Action sequences are strong and easy to follow. If I had to have someone at my back when the … hit the fan it would be Naif, 100%.


What the Fross?” Whispered Kero


Welcome to my review of Shine Light by ….who is it by again? Just kidding! By Marianne de Pierres!

(Yes, this is my first official book review in the new year of 2013! I can’t believe we survived the Zombie Apocalypse!)


Come on, each one of these books in the Night Creatures series, has that smooth and buttery feel to it; I love it!


Even though Shine Light has a lot of characters, it didn’t introduce many new and important characters. Most of the main characters the reader would already know from the first book in the series, Burn Bright, or would have been introduced to them throughout the second book, Angel Arias.


If you asked this question to many other readers, I feel that the majority would lean towards Naif due to her being a strong and leading female character. Who doesn’t like one of those?!

But I actually have to go with Lenior! Your eyes might be bulging out of your head right now, but keep them in there for a bit longer and listen (or read) my reasoning. He is a man of evil and terror, killing people that live on Ixion, just like the other Ripers and Grave Elders. But he pushes all that aside to help this girl he loves; though most of the time he doesn’t show it in the normal ways a man would. He puts himself on the line, he worries about Naif, and he goes out of his way to help her, and try to keep her safe. Safe from being killed by others like him, and that’s why I adore him.

Least Favourite

I don’t believe I have a least favourite in this series. In Burn Bright I liked a lot of the characters, and throughout the second and third book I enjoyed reading and watching those characters develop and change.


Naif isn’t on the island anymore. She finally escaped in Angel Arias, by a hair, and had no plans on coming back to the island. Until, that is, she found that the Grave Elders, and Ripers, who run and terrorize the island are killing the people who reside on it, for their own needs. To save her friends and others, Naif heads back to Ixion on a pirate ship.


Getting back to the island isn’t the hard part, but what is, is convincing not only her friends but others about what’s really going on, on this island of forever darkness…and dealing with a man she loves, but can’t stand at the same time.


Personally I thought the ending went by really fast, maybe because I was reading at lightening speed to see how the story ended, or because I didn’t want the story to end, either one of those. And since the ending was so kick…butt, I don’t want to say or comment on it, because I don’t want to give it away!

My Thoughts

After reading Burn Bright, it became one of my favourite books. I loved Angel Arias as well, and due to all the enjoyment I got from the first book, I had unrealistic expectations for the second. But Angel Arias reached every single one of those expectations, but yet I still favoured Burn Bright. After reading Shine Light, Burn Bright is still a good book, but Shine Light is now my favourite in the Night Creatures series!



The cover is brilliant! The artwork for this series is what originally drew me to pursue getting a copy of Burn Bright. It represents a dark tale with a very strong, young female lead character. The artwork is beautiful and represents the feel and appeal of the story. All three covers are amazing, and I love the colours.


I couldn’t be more proud of Naif, her character development throughout the series is a constant. With everything that is thrown at her and the determination and unending days of fighting, she never falters on what is in her heart and what she believes is true and right. We see many characters come and go throughout the series, several die and several stop in just for their purpose to leave the reader not knowing where their story ended up. But all have brought this series full circle and I don’t think there could have been a better ending.


Naif is by far my favourite character, but there are so many that are dear to my heart that it seems unfair to name just the main character.

Lenoir, Liam!, Suki, the Uthers, all great characters.

Least Favourite

I of course have never been much fan of the Ripers, but that Cal! Man, talk about close-minded, she ruffles my feathers.


Jumping right into the story from book two we find Naif and her group making plans to re-enter Ixion. Who will be going, staying and what has to happen. With some dialogue to refresh the readers memory on where we left off in the last book.


Naif must find her brother and his group again to get all of the fighters on Ixion to rally together to fight the Ripers and Night Creatures. They can only win if they get the upper hand and get as many of the baby bats to rise up and fight; to realize that there is something wrong with the island and stand against it.


It was a perfect ending. I stayed up until 1am to finish reading the last half of the book because it was so intense. I miss this series already and can only hope that there will be more! Please!!! I don’t want to go as far as saying there was a twist ending, but with the story behind the darkness of Ixion… I would never have imagined that in a million years! Very sci-fi fun and engaging.


I was apprehensive going into the book because I really do not want this series to end. The world is so imaginative and dark and I just didn’t want to leave it. I tried to take it slow and savour it but as the story really got going I just couldn’t stop. I was amazed at the imagery that is brought to the story. An incredibly dark world, with evil people and creatures varying from harmless to incredibly dangerous. From characters like the deformed Liam, to the mysterious Uthers and the different people on each Island. I feel that we barely even got to see a corner of this world and I want to visit each Island. I feel like a part of this whole story is missing and I want more! Naif was by far the best main character ever, she was perfect for the lead voice and I’m proud of her, up into the very last page.


It had seemed so mysterious when she’d first come. Sinister but beautiful: a place like nothing she’d known, redolent with musk and moonflower and haunted by strains of music that fired her senses. Back then she’d found it hard to resist its lure, but now she felt only apprehension and a desire to make Ixion safe.

Despair threatened to overwhelm Naif as she held the gentle creature’s paws. Nothing she had ever seen before had made her as sick to her stomach, or feel as hollow from its sheer callousness. Even in Danskoi, she had not been as appalled.

She pressed the bleeding wound on Naif’s hand to her own wrist, mingling their blood. “Now and forever,’ she said with humbling formality. ‘You are my family.”

  • I know exactly what you mean Lisa when you say your favorite character is Lenoir.
    I myself tend to lean towards the characters that challenge the protagonists in stories. It is them after all that lights the fire under their bums to do something!
    I think I would have chosen him as well in this book, but I just can’t let go of my love for Liam!

  • I am in total agreement with all of you! I was a little nervous about going into Shine Light, because I didn’t want to acknowledge that it’s the final story. But, thankfully, my curiosity won over and I devoured it!

    It’s definitely my favorite of the trilogy! I’ll miss Naif and Lenoir, though 🙂

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