Burn Bright Book Club

Welcome to the Burn Bright Bookclub!

Every month BelindaLisa and Krista assisted by other MDPWeb staff will be discussing a young adult book they’ve wanted to read. We’d all love to have you join us.

All you have to do is email Belinda at shewhomustbekept at gmail dot com and give her your name and your book club name. That’s all! Because we will be giving away regular booty, we want to know that the winner is one of our registered book club members. It also means Belinda can contact you of she needs to.

Discussions will take place on the main blog in the comments section for the moment. If we grow big enough we’ll migrate elsewhere.

We have some big plans for our book club which we’ll share with you as we go along. For now, lets just get things going! Below are the books that are coming up so that you can plan ahead. And just fyi, we won’t be creating a FB page for the club. It will be run through our site.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @BurnBrightBookC

2014 Book Club


2013 Book Club


2012 Book Club

2011 Book Club

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