By the Bel: 'T is the Season...

‘Tis the season… To chill out.

SPARKS_ALL i WANTWe’re about to have a scorcher summer and a hotter than Hades holiday season.

I’m not really a jolly old soul when it comes to hitting the stores and dealing with so many people in a small space. I usually need to decompress and relax after hearing Jingle Bells for the millionth time. Here are five seasonal things I consider to be the big guns to surviving Christmas.

What things do you do to calm down after a hectic trip to the shops at this time of year?

Are there any Christmas things we should know about to help us chill out even more?


  • Krista

    My go-to relax sessions include 1) book 2) hot beverage 3) a cat on my lap! Sometimes sitting by a fire is calming, and now a days they have all kinds of apps for relaxing music and visuals (fake fireplaces) that seem silly, but I actually enjoy them.

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