bishop_crowsMeg Corbyn, a Cassandra Sangue (one who sees prophesies with a little bloodletting), has finally found her place among the Others, living in the Lakeside Courtyard. Life is getting back to a semblance of normal.

Beyond Lakeside, two addictive drugs have become a problem for both humans and the Others; it is a problem for the Others because it reacts badly with their physiology, and a problem for humans because, with the threat of humans using the drugs to overpower the Others, they’re all about to be evicted, or ‘dealt with.’ Special meat anyone?

Meg is at her wits’ end trying to balance her need to speak prophesies and keep Simon Wolfguard (lakeside’s leader) off her back. Will she able to defuse the threat of humans being murdered before more of the Others fall victim to these two heinous drugs?

The dynamics between Meg and the other characters in this book is something special. When they’re not in kill-mode, the residents of Lakeside are sweet and generous. There’s humour and a generous helping of suspense to be found in Murder of Crows.

Anne Bishop is a master of making her characters work together, in spite of her males being alphas and her females not being helpless and meek little things. By getting them to work together, I think Anne gains a complexity in her storylines that others may lack.

That being said, I think perhaps this series is better suited for the older age brackets of YA, as there are some truly heinous acts towards the other Cassandra Sangue that was perhaps only hinted at in Written in Red.

Vision in Silver is due in March 2015 and, my goodness, that seems like forever away. I cannot wait to find out what happens next with Meg and Simon. Awrooooooooo!

Paperback, 337 pages

Published March 2014 by HarperCollins

ISBN13 9780732296827



The cover represents the story very well. I could clearly see Virgin as the girl on the cover: serious and always on the ready. The flying vehicles in the futuristic city look down upon the park. Very detailed and representative.


The overall feel of the characters that I got from the book was like detectives solving a crime, aiming for the same goal, yet thwarted by clashing personalities that can get both serious and hilarious.


It’s a tie between Virgin and Sixkiller; they are the best when they are interacting (mostly bickering). They made me laugh.

Least Favorite

I have to agree with Belinda here–Detective Chance


When park ranger Virgin Jackson witnesses a mysterious death in what she thought was a contained and locked park, her senses flare up. She has been assigned a new partner from the US Marshall service, Nate Sixkiller, and, unexpectedly, she is now seeing an imaginary animal from her childhood.


Being preoccupied with the park and the murder, Virgin is not feeling up to being a babysitter to her new partner who seems to be hiding the true reason he has joined on at the park. But when Sixkiller shows signs of being able to see her imaginary friend, things begin to get really crazy.


With the advanced technology set up at the park, all life within it should be able to be detected through the system. Things begin not making any sense, and Virgin soon learns that her life is in danger. Along the way, she gets some help from her best friend, and some relaxation time with her stripper lover, Heart.


The story goes back and forth between the park and the city scenes, as we follow Virgin through her home life as well as work life: her romantic life as well as her professional. Virgin’s character is strong willed and determined, but as the story progresses she slowly lets down her guard and allows people in.

Peacemaker is a very imaginative and entertaining read. I recommend this to readers who enjoy a strong lead female character.


My name is Virgin Jackson. Or Ranger Jackson, if you prefer. But if you call me ma’am again, I’m likely to break your face.”

Peacemaker cover_BlackLisa:


Totally kick butt! I absolutely love how many elements the cover includes from the story! I feel like the cover of Peacemaker completely represents the story inside.

Characters: A park ranger? A cowboy? An imaginary eagle bird? Couldn’t get anymore random or anymore AWESOME!


Without a doubt I would have to say, Virgin. She was so sassy, sarcastic, funny and knew how to handle herself well in all the situations she was thrown into.

Least Favorite

Unlike Bel and Krista I would have to say that I don’t have a least favorite. I would agree that there were some weird characters featured in Peacemaker, but I found them all to be pretty intriguing.


Virgin thinks she witnesses a murder in the park after hours, she is partnered up with a cowboy, and she starts seeing an imaginary animal from her childhood. The beginning is of Peacemaker throws the reader right into the random craziness of the story without any sort of hesitation!


Some much is going on around Virgin, that she isn’t in the mood to take care of the cowboy that she now calls her partner. But when she discovers that he might have the ability to see her imaginary animal friend as well, she becomes MUCH more interested!


Like Bel, my lips are sealed!


I wasn’t too sure how I was going to feel about this one. I loved Marianne’s Burn Bright trilogy and was excited to get started on this one. Why was a I nervous? Because there seemed to be a lot going on. But after only a few chapters, I was suckered in, and loved it! Its SO absolutely random, but very, very good!





Love the artwork by Joey Hifi. It represents the grit and flow of the story perfectly. Yes. Yes. YES!


Between imaginary animals and bad asses, there’re a buffet of brilliant characters to pick from.


Marshall Nate Sixkiller. Dude has some skills.

Least Favourite

Detective Chance. Issues!


Virgin Jackson, a ranger for Birrium Park, notices some funky stuff happening in her park.


Virgin gets partnered unwillingly with Nate Sixkiller to sort out the funky stuff.


As with most other Book Club write ups, you’ll have to read it to find out.


I was so wrapped up in the plot and the characterisation; I didn’t even notice the pages flipping by. I love the world building. Virign has to come back and kick more ass.  


“You haven’t forgotten have you, Virgin?”

I sighed. “Gate 65. Terminal 21. Tall guy wearing a uniform. His name’s Nate.” – Virgin talking with Bull Hunt.


Curley_brokenThe cover art for the second book in the Avena series is just as eye-catching as that of Hidden, book 1. Though it lacks the foiling that had me in a flap last year, this one is layered in such a way that your eye picks up different aspects of the picture with each glance. The girl staring through a broken pane of glass, and the swirly detail done in a glossy overlay, mean there are textures and emphasis that come to the forefront of the picture. It is quite an effective way of adding dimension.

We pick up the storyline from the end of Hidden. The situation is tense, and three is most certainly a crowd. Nathaniel is forced to face the consequences of his actions in the angel realm, as those who work against him move in to stake their claim.

My one and only qualm about this instalment is that I’m quite torn by how Ebony reacts and how she should react to the dynamic between the angel characters and herself. I lost track of how many times the words, ‘You have what I want,’ were uttered from one guy to the other, in her presence, and yet not once did she balk at the way they were speaking about her as if she were a possession and not even acknowledging her as a living being. It might have been my inner dialogue getting in the way, but once I thought about it, I couldn’t un-see it.

Putting that aside, the world building is beautiful; the use of high end supercars is completely unbelievable, but very cool. I love the evolution of the relationship between Ebony and Jordan, and if I could have Amber as my best friend, I’d be set for life.

Marianne really has the series teetering on the edge. I cannot wait for the next book to be released so we can all take the plunge and see where these crazy ass angels are taking us.

Will Ebony demand her place in Avena, or will Nathaniel be out of luck… and what of Jordan?

The waiting will be difficult to do patiently.

Paperback, First, 372 pages

Published March 1st 2014 by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

ISBN13 9781408822708


Belinda_kisses_tnBelinda Hamilton reviews one of my favourite movies.



veronica_mars_keyartVeronica Mars the Movie (Kick started by the fans for the fans)

I think this would have to be the single most warm fuzzy moment of my weekend. I just finished watching the extra clip on the Veronica Mars movie DVD. (That is after watching the film itself, of course.)

If you hadn’t heard, after season three (2007) Veronica Mars was axed. (Bet those guys are kicking themselves now, huh?) Veronica still had more stories to tell, so Rob Thomas had an idea…

It began with a promo clip on YouTube…

Then when the project went live on the Kick Starter website on April 13 2013, these are just some of the records that were smashed to bits include:

  • Fastest project to reach $1 million.
  • Fastest project to reach $2 million.
  • All-time highest-funded project in FILM category.
  • Third highest-funded project in Kickstarter history.
  • Most project backers of any project in Kickstarter history.

Filming began in Early June 2013 and on 14 of March 2014 the film was available to one and all worldwide.

So now, the big question is, were the 91,585 people who donated over 5.7 MILLION dollars wasting their time and well earned money?

Hell no!

Thank you to every one of you for getting it done. Thank you to Rob Thomas for not making Veronica suck in her long awaited return to our screens. And oh what a return it was.

Ten years after graduating Neptune High, Veronica is doing her best to avoid the class reunion. As with all her best laid plans, it all goes haywire when she gets the call from one Logan Echolls, who is, yet again, up to his neck in poop and sinking fast.

Almost all of the old gang were back: Weevil, Mac, Logan, Piz, Wallace, Keith, and a 20 something year old Veronica Mars doing what she does best, being the smartest person in the room

Everything is there: the grit, the tension, the smouldering looks between Veronica and Logan, even the old theme song gets a nod.  

There are quite a few shows I have been really upset to see go, Moonlight, Firefly, Dark Angel and the list goes on. I doubt, besides Firefly, that the fan bases of any of those shows would move mountains to get just one last hurrah from their favourite characters.

If you have any love for the TV series, I urge you to get the DVD and watch it.

This is certainly a master class in having the last word… and making it count. 

Shirvington_Empower-cover-AUSWow! How does one review the last book in a series a) without giving away HUGE spoilers to the 4 books previous in the series, and b) without giving away all the important bits in this book?

I was given a copy of the trade paperback to read, but as I’ve been plagued by migraines of late, I enlisted the lovely efforts of both Bolinda Audio and Brisbane City Council Libraries to keep up with, not only the in-between books, Entice, Emblaze, and Endless, but also this final instalment in the Violet Eden Chapters, Empower.  Online borrowing is da bomb.

The journey has been far from easy for Violet. I believe Empower is most certainly the best and most satisfying book of the lot. You’ll be swept up in the maelstrom of insanity, but the resolutions are exactly how they should be. The series really should be read in the correct order to gain maximum inpact.

Rebecca Macauly’s voice has brought the series to life for me, and on more than one occasion I caught myself tearing up or gasping in horror of what Jessica has Violet enduring.  For me, this is what Violet sounds like, and I genuinely hope you’ll give the audio books a chance.

Purchase the Violet Eden Chapters from Bolinda Audio

If you are a member of the Brisbane City Council Libraries you can borrow the audio books online, through the BCC online catalogue, just follow the links and log in to borrow anywhere up to 10 books for 14 days.

 Paperback, 464 pages

Published, November 12th 2013

ISBN 0734415109 (ISBN13: 9780734415103)


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