Today in our book vlogger series we talk to KAT from Katytastic channel.

KAT says “I love books, coffee, Korean dramas, and the Internet. I want to tell great stories, travel the world, and have fantastic adventures. I’m a gamer, a Nerdfighter, a Whedonite, and a Whovian. I put up three videos a week, sometimes more if I’m feeling vloggy!”

My favourite part of blogging is definitely the other bloggers! The book blogging community is wonderful and I’ve been amazed by the friends I have made through blogging. I’ve always loved reading, but none of my friends had the same taste in books, so I have been so pleased to find fellow bloggers who enjoy the same books I do and who can give me the most wonderful recommendations.

Which current reading trends have you been drawn to (dystopian, post apocalyptic etc)?:

I have read a lot of genres which are new to me this year including sic-fi and dystopian, but I always go back to contemporary. I have always enjoyed contemporary and have a soft spot for Australian contemporary in particular. Although, I will give almost any genre a go.

What is your favorite meme or post write up on your blog?

I don’t usually participate in memes simply because while I’m at uni I tend to lose track of things and would never remember to post on time! I do try and do my only little unique posts called Every Week I’m Shuffling where I share thoughts about some of my favourite songs.

Do you tend to like the hero/heroine/protagonist or the villain/antagonist?

This is a tough question. I’m usually more drawn to the protagonist, but I love it when the antagonist’s motivations are revealed as I feel like I can understand their actions in the book a little better.

Today Krista and Burn Bright talks to German book blogger Wiebke at


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And random other things about books. I talk about books.

I read almost everything, but probably less crime fiction and chic lit than others.

Welcome to Shaheen from Speculating on SpecFic!

How often do you blog?

I try to post 4 – 6 times a week, including the Waiting On … Wednesday meme and my own Stocktake Saturday (weekly book haul) feature. Sometimes I end up with fewer posts, and sometimes more, depending on the blog tours and author interviews that pass through.

How did you come up with the name of your blog?

Once I had decided I wanted to start a book blog, I sat down and thought about a name. It quickly became clear that I’m not nearly as witty as I had imagined. Since I knew I wanted a Speculative Fiction themed blog, it seemed natural to include Speculation somewhere in the title. Various combinations of “Speculation” and “Speculative Fiction” yielded nonsense or were titles of other blogs, but Speculating on SpecFic was available, so that’s what I went with. I’m really happy with the name, and wouldn’t change it now even if all the other names were available.

Favourite Part of Blogging?

Knowing that I have introduced an epic new read to someone. I started the blog because I moved away from my closest friends, who had made a game of asking me what I was reading when I saw them. They frequently buy the books I recommend, so I wanted to still give them recommendations even if I wasn’t going to see them in person. A blog seemed like the best idea. Now days I love getting a blog comment or tweet from someone saying that they had added a book to their To-Read pile, or bought it, on my recommendation.

Which current reading trends have you been drawn to (dystopian, post apocalyptic, contemporary?)

The emergence of the YA genre has been amazing to watch, because when I was younger there was a lot of YA Contemporary around, but not much by way of YA Speculative Fiction. Once I exhausted what little there was, I jumped up to reading adult novelists like Robert Jordan, Terry Brooks and Christopher Pike.

I read a lot of YA now, and seeing more and more works of YA Fantasy being published is wonderful. As well as Marianne de Pierres’ works, titles like Defiance by C. J. Redwine, Cinder by Marissa Meyer and The Gathering Dark by Leigh Bardugo have been amazing to read. These, alongside the works of Trudi Canavan, Tamora Pierce, and Kate Elliott, make me hopeful about the growth of YA Fantasy.

Confessions of a Booky Monster

Hi! I’m Cecilia- also known as the Booky Monster. I’ve always been an avid reader but I fell into reviewing by chance a few years ago and now- well I’m hooked!

How often do you blog?

I admit I can be a bad,bad blogger. I aim for at least once- twice a week but sometimes the “real” world decides it needs me to pay attention and get my head out of the pages!

How did you come up with the name for your blog?

Confessions of a Booky Monster is a inside joke.  I have a slight crush on Cookie Monster (heck he’s cute and has the inside track on where all those cookies are hiding), my husband has always called me “Chooky” or “Chooky Monster”( Australian slang for chicken) and my biggest vice is my obsession with books which sometimes hits such extremes “chooky” becomes “booky” and every addict has to confess sometimes

Favorite part of blogging?

The exposure to some many new authors that I may never have found otherwise and meeting all those fellow book nerds!

Which current reading trends have you been drawn to?

I’m not much of a “trend” reader as such. I’ve always been a genre hopper and read constantly from a wide variety. I do have little stages where I do find myself a little obsessed by one over the other though, at the moment I’m on a huge mystery binge.

What is your favorite meme or post blog write up on your blog?

Recently, definitely the Shine Light Blog Tour.

Do you tend to like the hero/heroine/protagonist or the villain/antagonist?

Definitely hero/heroine/protagonist, although some of the villains out there certainly give the “good” guy a run for their money in the entertainment stakes.

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