Chris G_TNChris Glabb picks his top two fashion YouTubers for you to check out!


Bethany Mota:

To anyone who knows anything about YouTubers, it’s not gonna be any surprise that Bethany Mota made the list. This beauty guru is well known for her makeup tutorials and classic “Tumblr Inspired” outfits. I mean, she came out of nowhere and took over YouTube with her crazy following of nearly 9,000,000! Let’s look at her style shall we?







Connor Franta:

I absolutely adore Connor Franta! I think he’s the leading man, the founding father if you will (you probably won’t because that wasn’t very clever) of YouTubers fashion.

Here are a few things that I love that Connor has worn!







Christopher Glabb:

Y’all know I’m also a YouTuber right?

If not, you can always watch a few videos here:


Also, you can read my personal blog here:

Chris 🙂

Amethyst Kelly Azalea A.K.A Iggy Azalea broke through the Hip-Hop hit music scene with her platinum winning 2014 song Fancy ft Charli XCX.

Iggy 1


Iggy was born in June 1990 and grew up in countryside of Australia.

Before even turning 16, she moved to America to pursue her love for rap music. She is known famously for her collabs with T.I. (her

producer) Ariana Grande, Charli XCX and Rita Ora.


She’s probably the most hated rapper for 3 reasons.

She’s Australian, white and a woman.

She’s received hate from Snoop, Drake and others in the music scene.

In my opinion, they’re all jealous that she’s the new face of hip-hop and rap music and they’re not.


Iggy 2


Despite all her haters, her style of music has opened up many fashion collabs with brands like Forever 21, which also featured her boyfriend NBA player Nick Young.


Iggy 3


After this campaign the gorgeous blonde captured the attention of Steve Madden, a high end shoe designer. She happily accepted, and within a bit of time, she had a line of shoes with him.


Iggy 5        Iggy 6


But… anger sparked in Iggy when something happened that she wasn’t expecting.


Iggy 7


This. Photos Iggy hadn’t approved for said collab. She took to Twitter to say this.


Iggy 8


After blowing off steam for some time, she cleared things up on Instagram saying she loves Steve and the whole collab; she was just angry that photos were taken without her consent, and that everything in a collaboration should be approved by everyone before being shown to the public. I mean, she is the star of the collab. It’s her name on the shoes before it’s Steve Madden’s. Thankfully, there are some photos she was in, that were mutually approved. (None of which have crotch shots or pool toys)


Iggy 9    iggy 10


I’m a huge Azalean (fan of Iggy)! I’m so happy that Iggy, despite everything, rose to the top and continues to create such her unique style of music. A day will never come when I don’t buy her album on iTunes, because she offers something nobody has ever offered, and something nobody will ever be able to offer again. She has such a one of a kind voice when she raps, that it’s hard not to want to listen to more.

To be 100% honest, I’d love to see design her own clothing line, because  her outfits on stage are always on point! I’m sure she has a stylist but Iggy seems like the kind of gal that wouldn’t wear something she didn’t wanna. I feel like she has some say in what she wears, and even when she’s just shopping, she looks stunning.


iggy 11   iggy 12   iggy 13


I wish Iggy all the success in her future endeavours and hopefully a future clothing line!


Chris 🙂

Chris G_TNChris says: P.S. I’ve relaunched my blog. If you’re a fan of, you’ll adore my new blog, at! It includes more than just fashion, and I’ve become more than just a fashion blogger! I think you’ll enjoy the Dear Chris advice column, the Dress to Impress fashion tab and the Enter{teen}ment entertainment tab.


Hey guys! Before I start, I wanna say all photos in this post are from the House of Holland Eyewear.

Ok, so… If you don’t know of House of Holland, I didn’t before Marianne introduced me. They’re a high fashion brand, that specialize in clothing and accessories. This includes, but is not limited to, eyewear, nails, hats, iPhone cases, and regular day-to-day clothes. Maybe regular shouldn’t be the word I used… Because they’re anything but regular. They’re hip, and haute-couture.

Anyway, Lily Allen is the new face of the eyewear department, and I just wanted to say that I looooove their newest line.

HOH1                                   HOH2

HOH3    HOH4

I love Lily Allen in these photos because she’s clearly shied away from her classic long dark hair. Not to mention, she looks amazing! Also, she’s working the glasses, and not letting the glasses consume her.

If you want Lily Allen’s fab look, you can order these and more at House of Holland.




Chris 🙂

Chris G_TNOK, so, for this post I’ve decided that I’m gonna write on Guys Going Grunge. And no, I don’t mean grimey… and no, I don’t mean alternative rock. (Although what I am talking about relates to both of those on some level.) But no, I mean the fashion. Grunge Fashion.


For anyone who doesn’t know what grunge is, it’s basically as stated below:



A deliberately untidy and uncoordinated fashion style.


Grunge in a nutshell. And, really it was basically fashionable in the 80’s. But, here in 2015 we’ve put our own spin on it. Women have been killin’ grunge the past few years, with clunky boots & knit sweaters, but FINALLY men have caught on, and are being just as’ grunge’ as the ladies.

Some “grunge” celebs include The 1975



Harry Styles



And Evan Peters

Emma Roberts & Evan Roberts Touch Down In Paris


Ok, so grunge is nearly always layered: flannel, denim, and leather jackets. Skinny jeans. Bandanas. Cross necklaces, boots, graphic tees and knit sweaters. Sometimes, men even wear rings.

Long hair is always approved of, but never longer than a few inches.

Rip your jeans if ya wanna look really fly. Nobody’s ever gotten in trouble in the fashion world for a pair of torn up skinnies, I’ll promise you that! Interestingly enough, baggy ripped jeans, with tapered ankles are also considered grunge… Just a thought.

Whatever you do,  just don’t wear too many colours. One coloured piece is more than enough when going grunge. Black, browns, and greys are highly admirable; a mute red can pass off too.

Anyone grunge loves faded clothes. Old, torn and faded jackets and layers are too cool when trying to look grunge. It never hurts to tie a plaid shirt around your waist either.

Anyway, I think grunge is super-duper cool. If you don’t wash your hair the day before you’re going grunge, that’s cool too! 🙂 Anyone who dressed grunge daily is certainly the proud owner of at least one tat.

Ok, so what do I think?

I love grunge. It’s very rare that I dress grunge, but when I do, I go all out. A typography tee, a denim jacket and black skinnies. If I owned a killer leather jacket, I’d wear that on my grunge days. But I don’t. If you own one, and wanna go grunge for a day, I recommend that.

I understand, grunge looks a bit greasy, dirty and sketchy, but it’s totally trendy. It’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea. But, it clearly is for some people (including me) because not only was it a trend in the past, but it’s back again. How nice is that?

What are your opinions on grunge? Do you think it’s gross, and unneeded? Innovative and chic? Hot and right on trend? Totally dirtbag-y?

I’d love to hear. Drop me a comment below on whatcha think, and also if you ever do, or ever will dress grunge. How do people react to your grunge-y look? Do they love it? Or tell you to go back upstairs and get changed? (Yes, I’m talking about all the mothers) Until the next post!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris 🙂

Chris G_TNChris advises on classic styles that won’t break your budget.




A question I often get is… ‘What should I wear if I wanna look cool?’

Being a teenager, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with trends. Especially if you’re relying on holiday money, or part time job money. SO, I’ve been contemplating what kinds of things that you will be able to wear for an extended amount of time, and not look out-dated.

First, I think that a pair of light coloured jeans is a pretty cool, soft grunge and also versatile look. Also, rips are always a plus.

COC_grey jeans


COC_grey jeans girl


Next, I chose a black canvas backpack suitable for men and women. I thought this was work because it’s plain and neutral. It’s very easy to pull off, seems made well, and looks great.


The next thing that I feel is totally ageless is a pair of boat shoes.

COC_boat shoes


COC_boat shoes women

These aren’t gonna work in the colder seasons (unless you live somewhere warm, and in that case, good for you), but I think they’re the perfect summer-spring shoes.

I hope that this helped everyone who’s been in a struggle to look like you have some idea of what to wear. You guys can maybe go and purchase a few of these items! If you click any of the links included, you will be taken to ASOS where you can buy them without even leaving the house! (Killer deal right?)

If you enjoyed this post, and wanna learn more about fashion or other things, make sure to visit my personal blog,!

Till my next post,

Chris 🙂

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