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My blog tour has begun. I’ll be adding each link into this post and pinning the post to the front page so you can check back and keep track of where I’ve been.

Day 1: An interview with Donna Maree Hanson - how is Peacemaker different from Parrish Plessis?

Day 2: Over at Fablecroft Publishing, I talk about how Joan of Arc influenced my thinking.

Day 3: Paula Weston hosts me for a chat about where I got my worldbuilding ideas for PEACEMAKER and genre-blending and genre-bending.

Day 3: Part Two: Skiffy and Fanty invite me to talk about my SUPERPOWER. Bet you can’t guess what it is!

Day 4: I chat with Fi from The Bookish Outsider about picking character names and why I like SF.

 Day 5: Nuzaifa over at SAY IT WITH BOOKS asks me about my crazy ready influences.

Day 6: Is a jaunt across to say hello to Diana Pharoah Francis to discuss how I turned a short story into a novel.

Day 7: Is down to Tassie to visit Miss Cackle, i.e. Kate Gordon, for a chat about the female body image in speculative fiction

Day 8: Over at Champagne and Socks I ‘fess up about my love for Westerns.

Day 9: Jason Fischer invites me to Fischblog to chat about my connection with the landscape.

Day 10: At Chris Lampard’s Sustainable Money blog you can read the character notes for the novel. See the comic artist’s sketch of Nate Sixkiller.

Day 11: Over at Mandy Wrangles’ foodie blog, I discuss my signature dish and the names of my main characters.

Day 12: The tour visits one of our beloved staff members, Lisa, at Turning Pages where she interviews me about Virgin Jackson and shares her book review.

Day 13: I talk with one of my BFF’s, Tansy Rayner Roberts, about Female Heroes and how I cried for a week.

Day 14: Shelf Inflicted asks me 12 questions. Thanks Dan!



You can join Marianne’s blog tour or help out spreading the word by adding the banner to your page.

Please feel free to snitch it and use! All blog tour participants get a free NetGalley version of the book for review.

Peacemaker Tour Banner



AuraHere at the Escape Club we are super excited to tell you that we’re going to be partnering with UK ‘zine, See Steal Style for fashion and health and beauty content. You’ll also be seeing some of our reviews on their site.

Meet the editor of See Steal Style!

23 year old Aura Borealis is a writer, fashion journalist and former pageant queen. She previously competed at the Miss Princess World pageant and is currently  lead editor of the online fashion magazine See Steal Style. Asides from writing fashion features, Aura is also a keen novelist and pens Young Adult fantasy fiction in her spare time. 

See Steal Style is a brand-new online magazine founded by writer Aura Borealis. Launched in late 2013 with a primary focus on fashion, the contemporary magazine also features articles on beauty, culture, technology and art, as well as exclusive interviews from a wide variety of artists, designers, creators and cultural innovators.


See Steal Style was created with the aim to promote creative talent both new and established, to engage them with their audience and to inspire each individual reader.


Inspiration is everywhere, but with so much information circulating in media and fighting for your attention, how do you know who provides genuine quality? See Steal Style aims to curate the best content from around the world, allowing you to choose which items and brands will steal your heart and become part of who you are.


You’ll be busting at the seams with daily inspiration, free from celebrity gossip or updates about Z-listers. That’s a promise. We welcome you to explore the site and hope you’ll find something to inspire you.

Serious Sas and Messy Magda are being well loved by new readers around the world! Meet two of them here. Apparently the little lovely in the pink top shouted at Magda to stop feeding the lions! She’s got her head screwed on :)

M and F with SS_2

The girls love Sas and Magda!


M and F with SS

Sas and Magda’s newest, littlest fan!







Thanks to Book Smugglers, Marianne’s upcoming book PEACEMAKER has been mentioned in the 10 SFF Books to Look Forward To in 2014 in KIRKUS magazine.

Not only that but the Night Creatures series is mentioned, and so is Marianne’s boutique collection, Glitter Rose.




Glitter Rose_web

Glitter Rose

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