Redlitzer 2014_Parris SmithFor the last few years, I’ve been part of the Redlands Redlitzer short story competitions. My role has been a judge and editor of stories written by children, young adults, and adults. Due to council budget cuts, the Redlands Libraries are only able to run the children’s section (and Bennett’s Real Estate have been kind enough to purchase the Trophies) this year.

On the weekend, I worked with three young people on their stories and was amazed at their talent and imagination. It’s an event that I love being involved in, and an initiative that I wholeheartedly support. I wish more libraries followed this model of story selection, story development, and production of an anthology.

Many thanks to the wonderful library staff, including Jo-Anne Kidman and Jan Webb, as well as my colleague’s Louise Cusack and Angela Sunde. Here’s a picture of me, Lou, and Angela, with one of the highly recommended young writers, Parris Smith.

Here at the Escape Club, we were really excited that one of our favourite Book Bloggers, Braiden from the Book Probe, got to meet up with one of our favourite and most reliable reviewers, Krista McKeeth (MDP: well, actually they are ALL my favourites, but Krista has been with me for a long time). They got to hang out for a bit and took this picture to send to us back home!

Braiden and Krista

MDP and Stage Fright 3You can listen to and watch Marianne in a bunch of special videos and podcast. Check them out.


WORLDBUILDING with Sean Williams, Meg Mundell and John Birmingham along with Nalini from Dark Matter.

The Skiffy and Fanty show with Tansy Rayner Roberts, talking about Aussie spec fic.

Genre blending and bending with Mike Underwood, Rod Duncan, and Emma Newman from Angry Robot.

The Queensland Writer’s Centre asked me to talk about Author Branding

And why authors should be online


galactic suburbiaAnd
a long chat with Alex Pierce on the award winning Galactic Chat podcast about my body or work.

Followed by an upcoming Peacemaker special with Dave Kearney from Scenes and Sequels.



Peacemaker Makes a Novel Game:

West Australian creative entrepreneurs combine forces

MDP web logoBestselling Australian science fiction author Marianne de Pierres announced today that Stirfire Studios has optioned her PEACEMAKER series for adaptation as an interactive game.  The novels are published by Angry Robot books.

De Pierres’ books include the award-winning Sentients of Orion, Parrish Plessis, and Night Creatures series. ‘I’m thrilled to be working with Stirfire Studios on this project. They combine creative flair with technical excellence and a passion for what they do. Their most recent game, Freedom Fall, has been a spectacular success.’

Stirfire Studios, created in 2010, has elevated the status of indie-game development in Western Australia. The Studio won the first ever Western Australian Screen Award and was shortlisted in the Australian Game Development Awards with their title Freedom Fall. Stirfire creates visually beautiful games with lush gameplay and exciting new twists on familiar elements.

Stirfire-Slider-logo (2)Stirfire Studios director, Garth Pendergrast, says that the company has a strong vision for the Peacemaker game. ‘We want to create an interactive novel focusing on story and character, imagined with our trademark rich artwork but with no trade-off in the game play. While we are inspired by recent games in the genre, we are designing a new engine to help the player tell their own story.’

Publicity enquiries: and Stirfire Studios


Peacemaker Tour Banner

My blog tour has begun. I’ll be adding each link into this post and pinning the post to the front page so you can check back and keep track of where I’ve been.

Day 1: An interview with Donna Maree Hanson - how is Peacemaker different from Parrish Plessis?

Day 2: Over at Fablecroft Publishing, I talk about how Joan of Arc influenced my thinking.

Day 3: Paula Weston hosts me for a chat about where I got my worldbuilding ideas for PEACEMAKER and genre-blending and genre-bending.

Day 3: Part Two: Skiffy and Fanty invite me to talk about my SUPERPOWER. Bet you can’t guess what it is!

Day 4: I chat with Fi from The Bookish Outsider about picking character names and why I like SF.

 Day 5: Nuzaifa over at SAY IT WITH BOOKS asks me about my crazy ready influences.

Day 6: Is a jaunt across to say hello to Diana Pharoah Francis to discuss how I turned a short story into a novel.

Day 7: Is down to Tassie to visit Miss Cackle, i.e. Kate Gordon, for a chat about the female body image in speculative fiction

Day 8: Over at Champagne and Socks I ‘fess up about my love for Westerns.

Day 9: Jason Fischer invites me to Fischblog to chat about my connection with the landscape.

Day 10: At Chris Lampard’s Sustainable Money blog you can read the character notes for the novel. See the comic artist’s sketch of Nate Sixkiller.

Day 11: Over at Mandy Wrangles’ foodie blog, I discuss my signature dish and the names of my main characters.

Day 12: The tour visits one of our beloved staff members, Lisa, at Turning Pages where she interviews me about Virgin Jackson and shares her book review.

Day 13: I talk with one of my BFF’s, Tansy Rayner Roberts, about Female Heroes and how I cried for a week.

Day 14: Shelf Inflicted asks me 12 questions. Thanks Dan!

Day 15: Over at Book Probe I talk to Braiden about the evolution of the story from comic to novel.

Day 16: And then it’s a fly by to Coeur de Lion where Keith Stevenson interviews me about Peacemaker and my upcoming projects.

Day 17: Then Lee at She Wolf Reads shares my top Eleven favourite SF movies and TV shows.

Day 18: Narelle invites me to Kitty and Cadaver to talk about the Peacemaker comic.

Day 19: At Tsana Reads and Reviews, Tsana interviews me about Dealbreaker (bk 2).

Day 20: Book Mood Reviews has me over for a chat about the origins of Peacemaker.

Day 21: The story behind the story of PEACEMAKER at Upcoming4Me.

Day 22. I love chatting with Crystal at Winterhaven Books.

Day 23. At Civilian Reader I confess to Dr Who and the Avengers give me nightmares.

Day 24. Kristin from My Bookish Ways runs a giveaway for Peacemaker, alongside our interview.

Day 25. The Qwillery asks me some interesting questions.

Day 26, I say hi to Molly Dee.



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