So as you can see we have a slight re-design of the front page. I wanted to bring the reviews into more focus, along with our columns, in the big slider at the top.  The whole look is more visual. We have so many great sections, I wanted them to be better represented. My book carousel has now moved to the bottom of the page. Let me know what you think!

armstrong_sea of shadows


Great news everyone! As of NOW, we’ve expanded book club to Goodreads. You’ll still get the first reviews here but discussion will take place here and there. You can also now find the book club website page up in the horizontal task bar right alongside where it says THE AUTHOR.

We’ve even got a neat new widget in the right hand column telling you what we’ve got coming up, so you can get the books ahead of time.

Escape Club books


I’m just popping in to let you know that I’ve written a new YA story.  It’s about how peer pressure can make things crazy, and it’s called The mother, the whip, and the burning tip of night smoke.

I’ve just sent it to a couple of magazines, so I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. Hopefully, someone wants to publish it.

When I write, I often like to look for pictures that remind me of the story I’m writing. The image below reminds me of my new short piece!

sad girl


Redlitzer 2014_Parris SmithFor the last few years, I’ve been part of the Redlands Redlitzer short story competitions. My role has been a judge and editor of stories written by children, young adults, and adults. Due to council budget cuts, the Redlands Libraries are only able to run the children’s section (and Bennett’s Real Estate have been kind enough to purchase the Trophies) this year.

On the weekend, I worked with three young people on their stories and was amazed at their talent and imagination. It’s an event that I love being involved in, and an initiative that I wholeheartedly support. I wish more libraries followed this model of story selection, story development, and production of an anthology.

Many thanks to the wonderful library staff, including Jo-Anne Kidman and Jan Webb, as well as my colleague’s Louise Cusack and Angela Sunde. Here’s a picture of me, Lou, and Angela, with one of the highly recommended young writers, Parris Smith.

Here at the Escape Club, we were really excited that one of our favourite Book Bloggers, Braiden from the Book Probe, got to meet up with one of our favourite and most reliable reviewers, Krista McKeeth (MDP: well, actually they are ALL my favourites, but Krista has been with me for a long time). They got to hang out for a bit and took this picture to send to us back home!

Braiden and Krista

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