wunder_museumLooking at the cover of The Museum of Intangible Things, you would assume right away that this book is perfect for the summer and that it completely revolves around friendship. And it does! But there is so much more going on in this book than the cover and the synopsis show.

The story follows two best friends, Hannah and Zoe. They couldn’t be any more different, but are still ultimate friends. While Hannah is sensible, trying to earn her college education through selling hot dogs, Zoe is spontaneous and wild.

Life is boring in their small hometown in New Jersey, and the two have always talked about going on a road trip together. But neither of them knew just what would happen on this seemingly harmless vacation: hiding and spending the night in IKEA, flashing cowboys on the highway, and wanting to see a real buffalo!

Hannah doesn’t expect what happens next, and she has no idea what to do…after all, Zoe is her best friend.

The Museum of Intangible Things was filled to the brim with emotions! When I picked this book up, I had no idea just what I was getting myself into. But Hannah and Zoe go through a true test of friendship.

Overall, I LOVED IT! But I don’t recommend reading it out in public with a full face of make-up on, unless you like looking like a raccoon with the mascara running down your cheeks. I would say to read this one at home!

Besides the two best friends, who I could really relate to, there was also a boy involved and a little romance. Going into this book, I was hoping for and even expecting some romance. But in the end I’m glad that this wasn’t the book’s main focus. I like that it truly revolved around these two girls!

The ending was heartbreaking, but OH SO GOOD! I recommend this book to anyone who needs a good cry.

Dashner_death cureIn only a few months the entire world, or at least most of it, will be able to witness The Maze Runner in theatres! Having read The Death Cure weeks ago, I finally decided it was time to collect my thoughts and write some reviews.

I loved The Maze Runner so much that I forced my boyfriend, who never reads and would rather work on his car, to read it! The Scorch Trials was absolutely AHH-mazing as well, and I just couldn’t get enough of the story and its characters. But when it came to the third and final book in this trilogy, The Death Cure, I was a bit nervous. I had heard rumors going around that people weren’t finding themselves enjoying it.

After reading The Death Cure and understanding what those reviews were talking about, I see where they were coming from, but I also see why people (like myself) love it so much!

There’s no hesitation at the beginning of The Death Cure and it takes right off where The Scorch Trials ended; the Gladers have been captured and trapped in the WICKED facility. They are offered their fully restored memories with only a small surgical procedure, but many are unsure. After coming to a decision, all the Gladers decide to go through with the procedure, except for three of them: Thomas, Mino, and Newt.

The next morning, the three boys are roughly awakened to find that the offer isn’t an offer anymore, but is instead being forced upon them. They are strapped to chairs and completely surrounded by armed guards, but they know way they can get themselves out of this mess. Even Brenda and Jose, who Thomas relied on, are actually working for WICKED. But before this can even register, Brenda has a plan to get him and the other two out.

The five of them escape, coming to the conclusion that Teresa and all the other Gladers have already done the same. They leave the WICKED facility with a few weapons in hand and they stumble upon Gally, a Glader we lost in the second book (I believe. Don’t quote me on this!). He informs the group that he now works for a rebel group known as the Right Arm, which is planning to take down WICKED, and Thomas plays a huge role in their plan.

Thomas goes back to the WICKED compound and to sacrifice himself for science and discovers that more munies (people who are immune to the flare) have been captured and sent into the maze. The Right Arm wants to blow the whole place up, and even after being offered a train ride to safety, Thomas knows he has to save his friends, and the people in the maze.

There was so much happening so fast in this book. Where do I even start?

I’ve created a list of my likes and dislikes, because I feel like it will just be easier to get my point across without this review being miles long.


  • Thomas. As always, he was amazing! In The Death Cure, Thomas did have a few tough things to do and watch. He had to witness his best friend, Newt, turn into a Crank and shoot him in the head, and he watched the girl he was crushing on in the first two books die. He was so strong and brave in both The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials, but it’s still amazing how much he has grown and developed as the main character.
  • Brenda and Jose. They were actually working for WICKED?! WHAT? I had absolutely no idea! It makes me want to re-read the second book, to see if I can find any clues! This was such a good twist in this final instalment, right at the beginning of the story.
  • Gally. He came back! I know, mind blown!
  • Outside world and its chaos. When reading books like this, where the world is ending, I’m always curious to find out what is happening outside the story limits in different parts of the world. I didn’t expect to see much of that in The Death Cure, but I’m glad I did!


  • Gladers and their memories. I understand that no one would want to get surgery on their brain from the enemy, but isn’t there even a little bit of curiosity to know what your thoughts were before you went into the Glade? I was just a little thrown off by the quick and easy way that Thomas, Newt, and Mino said no to the offer.
  • Thomas and his two ‘girl friends’. In the first two books, Thomas is practically in love with Teresa, but in the last two books he starts to have these indescribable feelings towards Brenda. This doesn’t bother me, but when Teresa made this huge sacrifice towards the end of The Death Cure, Thomas practically brushed it off, took Brenda’s hand, and skipped away into the sunset. It was just a bit weird.
  • The Governments and its dumb choices. Who in the world would release the Flare without even once thinking to test it. Just to–I don’t know–maybe see if it has any negative effects?

I want to read The Kill Order!! This story revolves around two different main characters from when the Flare first started to spread! I’m dying to see how the world came to such a horrible state! 

AND is it September yet? I can’t wait to see The Maze Runner in theatres!


hodge_cruel beautyGrowing up, there was hardly a single day that went by where I wasn’t watching Lion King or Beauty and the Beast over and over again. These two Disney movies were my absolute favourites. Looking back, I don’t know how my parents put up with them constantly playing! So, when I heard that Cruel Beauty was a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, I knew I had no choice but to get my hands on a copy and read it.

The Beast is actually a Demon Lord who grants peoples’ wishes, but not like the tooth fairy. Instead, he twists people’s words, and the wish always comes back to haunt them. (He is a Demon Lord after all. What did you expect?)

Before Nyx was born, her father asked the Demon Lord for a wish. It came true, and he had to repay the lord by giving him one of his two twin daughters once they turn seventeen.

Nyx has been trained to kill her soon-to-be-husband and is willing to take any risk to do so. But even after years and years spent preparing for the day when she will be married off to the Demon lord, Nyx can’t help but feel anger and hatred toward her sister who wasn’t chosen, and seems to be the apple of her father’s eye, and towards her maternal aunt who is now slipping in between her father’s sheets.

But as many of you Beauty and the Beast fans may know, the Demon Lord isn’t much like he is claimed to be. Yes, he grants people’s wishes and causes them harm, but nobody knows that he is forced to do it by a greater power. He is a prisoner and Nyx is the first person in hundreds of years to truly see him for himself, and not as an evil king.

Nyx knows what she had to do, but she is no longer sure if it’s the right thing to do. She’s caught and doesn’t know which way to go: Do as her father taught her, or help the Demon Lord escape his own imprisonment?

Cruel Beauty was an interesting read. If I got the chance I would definitely visit the mansion, just to see all of these crazy rooms, especially the one that mimics nature.

While I absolutely loved Nyx and her odd relationship with Shade and the Demon lord, I was disgusted by her father. I understand that he made this crappy deal, and that it was a huge mistake, but treating the twin sister differently and loving one much more than the other wasn’t right. Besides the way Nyx’s father treated her, I also disliked her aunt. She was sleeping around with her dead sister’s husband. How did she not feeling horrible?

Overall, the story was good! It was an amazing retelling that kept most of the original details, but didn’t follow the entire story directly. If you get the chance to pick this one up, I recommend doing so!



The cover represents the story very well. I could clearly see Virgin as the girl on the cover: serious and always on the ready. The flying vehicles in the futuristic city look down upon the park. Very detailed and representative.


The overall feel of the characters that I got from the book was like detectives solving a crime, aiming for the same goal, yet thwarted by clashing personalities that can get both serious and hilarious.


It’s a tie between Virgin and Sixkiller; they are the best when they are interacting (mostly bickering). They made me laugh.

Least Favorite

I have to agree with Belinda here–Detective Chance


When park ranger Virgin Jackson witnesses a mysterious death in what she thought was a contained and locked park, her senses flare up. She has been assigned a new partner from the US Marshall service, Nate Sixkiller, and, unexpectedly, she is now seeing an imaginary animal from her childhood.


Being preoccupied with the park and the murder, Virgin is not feeling up to being a babysitter to her new partner who seems to be hiding the true reason he has joined on at the park. But when Sixkiller shows signs of being able to see her imaginary friend, things begin to get really crazy.


With the advanced technology set up at the park, all life within it should be able to be detected through the system. Things begin not making any sense, and Virgin soon learns that her life is in danger. Along the way, she gets some help from her best friend, and some relaxation time with her stripper lover, Heart.


The story goes back and forth between the park and the city scenes, as we follow Virgin through her home life as well as work life: her romantic life as well as her professional. Virgin’s character is strong willed and determined, but as the story progresses she slowly lets down her guard and allows people in.

Peacemaker is a very imaginative and entertaining read. I recommend this to readers who enjoy a strong lead female character.


My name is Virgin Jackson. Or Ranger Jackson, if you prefer. But if you call me ma’am again, I’m likely to break your face.”

Peacemaker cover_BlackLisa:


Totally kick butt! I absolutely love how many elements the cover includes from the story! I feel like the cover of Peacemaker completely represents the story inside.

Characters: A park ranger? A cowboy? An imaginary eagle bird? Couldn’t get anymore random or anymore AWESOME!


Without a doubt I would have to say, Virgin. She was so sassy, sarcastic, funny and knew how to handle herself well in all the situations she was thrown into.

Least Favorite

Unlike Bel and Krista I would have to say that I don’t have a least favorite. I would agree that there were some weird characters featured in Peacemaker, but I found them all to be pretty intriguing.


Virgin thinks she witnesses a murder in the park after hours, she is partnered up with a cowboy, and she starts seeing an imaginary animal from her childhood. The beginning is of Peacemaker throws the reader right into the random craziness of the story without any sort of hesitation!


Some much is going on around Virgin, that she isn’t in the mood to take care of the cowboy that she now calls her partner. But when she discovers that he might have the ability to see her imaginary animal friend as well, she becomes MUCH more interested!


Like Bel, my lips are sealed!


I wasn’t too sure how I was going to feel about this one. I loved Marianne’s Burn Bright trilogy and was excited to get started on this one. Why was a I nervous? Because there seemed to be a lot going on. But after only a few chapters, I was suckered in, and loved it! Its SO absolutely random, but very, very good!





Love the artwork by Joey Hifi. It represents the grit and flow of the story perfectly. Yes. Yes. YES!


Between imaginary animals and bad asses, there’re a buffet of brilliant characters to pick from.


Marshall Nate Sixkiller. Dude has some skills.

Least Favourite

Detective Chance. Issues!


Virgin Jackson, a ranger for Birrium Park, notices some funky stuff happening in her park.


Virgin gets partnered unwillingly with Nate Sixkiller to sort out the funky stuff.


As with most other Book Club write ups, you’ll have to read it to find out.


I was so wrapped up in the plot and the characterisation; I didn’t even notice the pages flipping by. I love the world building. Virign has to come back and kick more ass.  


“You haven’t forgotten have you, Virgin?”

I sighed. “Gate 65. Terminal 21. Tall guy wearing a uniform. His name’s Nate.” – Virgin talking with Bull Hunt.


Stevens_faking normalAlexi Littrell can’t deal with what has happened to her, even though months have passed since the summer. She can’t sleep through a single night or go through a day without thinking about what has been done to her, or being reminded of it. She sees him everyday, and there’s nothing she can do and no one she can tell.

The story starts with Alexi and her family attending the funeral of her mum’s best friend. After being abused, she was murdered by her own husband and left behind her two sons. As Bodee walks onto the stage, getting ready to say his final words of parting, he can’t do it and runs out of the room.

Even though their moms were good friends, Alexi and Bodee were never close, but Alexi decides to sit without him outside the church on the curb. Her family then decides to let him move into the extra bedroom above their garage so that he can finish the school year.

But soon a connection begins to build when Alexi and her two best friends take a liking to Bodee and give him rides to and from school. Who knew Alexi would become so close with Kool-Aid Kid? Not Alexi, that’s for sure.

She also didn’t know that Bodee would be the only one she could tell what happened to her in the summer. She couldn’t say anything to her family, but for some reason Bodee seems safe. He becomes her rock, perhaps because he knows what pain and loss feels like.

During class Alexi gets her work done quickly so she can completely involve herself in Captain Lyrics and what he wrote on her desk each day. Alexi doesn’t actually know who he is, but she swoons and dreams of him every day. While Heather, Alexi’s best friend, wants her to finally meet him, Alexi is worried that he will be nothing like she imagines and is nervous.

So instead Heather gets Alexi to go out with Hayden, a football player.

When she finally agrees to date Hayden, Alexi learns that he isn’t anything like what Heather described him to be. He’s conceited, makes fun of Bodee, and drinks a lot! When he pulls her outside the dance and takes her to his truck, he starts kissing her and lies on top of her. Alexi doesn’t like it, and it brings back memories of the horrible experience she had in the summer. She doesn’t want this, but for some reason she can’t make herself say no, or say anything at all. She’s choked up and stuck.

Until someone pulls Hayden off her and starts punching him. Bodee.

At that moment she knows just how much Bodee means to her. At first she couldn’t believe the connection she felt, but now it’s real and truly happening. He doesn’t ask Alexi any questions, he doesn’t push her, and he doesn’t talk to her about it unless she wants to. Bodee helps Alexi find the confidence to leave Hayden in the dirt and to tell her family of what happened to her in the summer so she can finally become herself again.

Faking Normal is a story of true heartache, friendship, true love, and finding yourself all over again!

When I was asked to review this book, I was suckered in by the intriguing synopsis! I was dying to find out what happened to Alexi, who was involved, and how she was going to reveal her situation and overcome it.

I did my best to ignore the weird cover, and I’m glad I did because I ABSOLUTELY enjoyed the story inside! Faking Normal has my favorite cast of characters; there was no uber gorgeous girl, no super strong and good looking guy, and no extremely sensitive character that whined about everything little thing. Faking Normal had characters that were down to earth, real, and that I could connect with.

Alexi was brave and strong for trying to fight this battle on her own, but she was even stronger to let someone in after all. Bodee was her rock. He stood back and let Alexi have space to figure everything out. He was her hero without completely overshadowing her.

Alexi’s older sister was a bit snarky and mean, but she changed towards the end. Instead of fighting and arguing with her sister, she fought for her sister. I enjoyed seeing this change.

We do find out what happened to Alexi about halfway through the book, but we spend the rest of the time discovering and dissecting clues and hints about who did it to her, as well as who Captain Lyrics is.

Faking Normal is such a good read, with such a heartfelt ending. I loved it!

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