Chris Glabbwoods_ShanghaiRecently, I’ve had the pleasure to review the book Shanghai Street Style by Toni Johnson-Woods and Vicki Karaminas with photography by Fung Chan.

This book was a pleasure to read as it was chocked full of interesting info on ‘The Fashion World’ in Shanghai. Shanghai is extremely fashion forward, compared to the rest of the world, and this is extremely evident in this book! Between the gorgeous photos and rich wording, this book brought me (mentally) to a city that I’ve never visited. Every page was like an amazing adventure to some magical fashion land, and I simply could not get enough!

The writing expresses the importance of making a statement. Anybody can wear khakis and a polo, but when you match that up with a pair of statement shoes you make the outfit your own. While reading and admiring the pictures, I learned about an abundance of styles, from Vintage to Contemporary and Chic to Hipster.


One thing this book really illustrated, which I feel is often overlooked in the fashion world, is the importance of accessories. The book has a playful, but informative grasp on accessories. Some of my favourite features have to be the owl hanging from a Smart phone, or the large pink and red ‘Piece Sign’ necklace that’s slightly on the verge of being tacky. Either way, I absorbed every bit of inspiration possible from these accessories and I feel like I’ll benefit immensely from the statement pieces photographed in the book.


Along with this theme of accessories, I loved the parts of the book that illustrated the works that are bags and shoes. My favourite tidbit that really exposes the use of a bag would have to be this one:

“The Shanghainese put a lot of thought in choosing the perfect bag, and that’s how it should be. Bags tell us so much about a person’s personality, about what they like to do and where they like to go. Teamed up with an outfit, bags are an essential accessory for any city slicker on the move.”

I love this piece of writing because I think it’s so true to the purpose of bags and explains the personality behind the person carrying it.


One part of the book that I thought was a quite comedic was when they were talking about how to choose a perfect shoe. Some of the reasons they gave were things like taste, brand loyalty and of course – price. This piece was just so real that it cracked me up a bit. Of course, I wouldn’t buy a shoe that I didn’t like the look of — taste. I wouldn’t buy a shoe if I didn’t know the brand, or if I knew they were unreliable or not well constructed – brand loyalty. And I wouldn’t spend anything over $200 on a pair of shoes – price. And so, I just really connected with this part of the book!


Thanks sooo much to Marianne, for hooking me up with this amazing book, and to Shanghai for the inspiration!

Chris 🙂

If you have even a tiny idea about who I am, you’d know that my hair is extremely dark brown and even black in some parts!


Of course, you’ve probably heard of the saying “We all want what we can’t have!” Am I Right?!

Well, in my case this is true. One day, I woke up thinking that I would look good with grey/silver hair. Sooooo, naturally, I went ahead and did it. I’m a teenager what do you expect?

So, I went to Sally’s just to find out that silver is THE hardest colour to achieve because your hair has to be super light. And when I say super light, I mean white. Your hair HAS to be white.

I got the products and went ahead and dyed my hair! The first time I bleached it, it turned an awful orange colour. So, I did it again. This time, it went yellow. Then, I toned it, which *supposedly* should have removed yellow and orange tones, to give your hair a white or “lightest ash blond” look.

AND… It didn’t work. AND… My hair felt like straw. Not even straw. It felt like an old wig. So, I had that colour for a week or so… During the week, I used a purple shampoo (which helps lighten hair to keep it silver or blond) which helped immensely!

coc_hair 2 (2)


After that week, I decided to give it another go! I bleached it again, and toned it this time with a toner to make it go silver. No luck. My hair STILL wasn’t light enough!

coc_hair 3

So… I left it another week to ensure the damage wasn’t too bad, and my hair was still strong, and remotely healthy.

After that week, I gave it (yet another) bleaching and a final tone. AND IT WORKED! Sorta. Parts went silver-y purple and others were still a white colour.

But, I think I’m pretty happy with the overall outcome. It very quickly faded into a nice blond that I think I’ll keep for a while.

coc_hair 4

Anyhow,  yeah. That was my extreme hair dyeing adventure. It was fun, but a crazy process. If you have dark hair, I don’t recommend going for a pastel purple/silver colour. But, if you want to, and you’re serious about this (I mean, I did. I won’t judge) then I’d wait a few days, or even weeks between applications of bleach. Remember to use a good conditioner, as that’ll totally save your hair! I used one of those “Protective Hair Serum” from the salon, and it worked super well!

Chris GlabbIf you’ve read a handful of my other posts, or even just a few, you’ll probably know that I’m 100% all for self expression through fashion, the way one looks, and portrays themselves.

So naturally, I’m also all for pastel coloured hair. I just love the whole idea of standing out among when in a group, and feeling unique on the inside and outside.

I thought I’d just write a simple post showcasing a few of my favourite colours of pastel hair. 🙂 enjoy.

CC_hair 1

COC_hair 2

COC_hair 3

Now, of course let’s not forget about the men! And more specifically about me! Yes, in the near future I will be dying my hair a pastel colour. I’m thinking a grey-ish/silver colour similar to this one.

coc_hair 5

My other mens faves include these:

coc_hair 6

coc_Hair 7


Chris 🙂

Chris G_TNI’m super lucky to have been blessed enough to be born to parents who both don’t get acne, and to not have acne myself. Although, I know that’s not the case for every teen guy, and for the girls, there are tons of products (and probably a female figure who will help you with this kind of stuff)! So, I’ve devised a few full-proof acne removing treatments, that are male approved!

Not only will they help with your zit moderation, but you’ll look better, feel better and be more confident after doing these simple steps.

Keep reading to enjoy! 🙂

CC_skincare1. Wash your face!
If you shower at night, wash your face in the morning!

If you shower in the morning, wash your face at night before bed!

It’s an easy routine to remember and I’m sure it’ll greatly improve your acne situation, by cleaning your pores, and not trapping all that funky stuff underneath. Even if you don’t have acne, this is a great routine to fall into, as it keeps you looking fresh too!

2. Get more sleep!

According to a study in sleep, for every hour of sleep you lose, it adds 14% more stress on your body! Imagine what all that stress is doing to your face! Let’s just put it this way… It’s not doing any good. So, if you can get a few extra hours of sleep throughout the week, whether that’s going to bed a bit earlier, or napping after school, it’d be appreciated by your anatomy.

3. Cut back.

No, I don’t mean cut back on your work, or stress. I mean your sugar consumption! There’s a direct correlation between sugar and acne. There’s no arguing that what you eat will affect you! Yes, I know it’s harder than it sounds! Trust me, if you knew me, you’d know I eat more sugar than advised for 10 kids my age. But, if you’re suffering from break outs, I think it’s worth it!

4. Drink up.

Water too, is a great way to do some zit control. I’m again, guilty of this. I’d rather drink coffee, and slurpees than a glass of water most days, but like the sugar, it’s a sacrifice you’ve gotta make in order to clean up your look.

5. Buy something

This is the one I was avoiding, but if you’ve done all this, and you’re still not where you wanna be, I’d consider buying some Proactiv or something along those lines. I know those are generally more geared towards the females, but I mean, Adam Levine uses it, and you can too.

I hope this helped you all with your skin care worries! Be happy, be healthy and be zit free with these steps!

Chris 🙂

P.S. For the odd zit, put a bit of toothpaste on it, and leave that for a while. (preferably overnight, although if you’re short for time, half an hour will do just fine) The toothpaste should help dry that little sucker right out, clearing it up a bit more.

Chris G_TNChris Glabb picks his top two fashion YouTubers for you to check out!


Bethany Mota:

To anyone who knows anything about YouTubers, it’s not gonna be any surprise that Bethany Mota made the list. This beauty guru is well known for her makeup tutorials and classic “Tumblr Inspired” outfits. I mean, she came out of nowhere and took over YouTube with her crazy following of nearly 9,000,000! Let’s look at her style shall we?







Connor Franta:

I absolutely adore Connor Franta! I think he’s the leading man, the founding father if you will (you probably won’t because that wasn’t very clever) of YouTubers fashion.

Here are a few things that I love that Connor has worn!







Christopher Glabb:

Y’all know I’m also a YouTuber right?

If not, you can always watch a few videos here:


Also, you can read my personal blog here:

Chris 🙂

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