The Telegraph lists its 45 best YA books of the year. Take a look through and see if there’s something you might like. We have reviewed a few of them here on the Escape Club – but there are plenty that we haven’t read as well. It’s great to see Aussie’s Garth Nix and Jack Heath mentioned on there.


We thought this article about the great philosopher Kierkegaard was well worth reading. See what you think!


Our favourite teen mentor Lauren M. Galley has a new article up on the Huffington Post. Read it and tell Lauren what you think.

Also Lauren has a new video out that inspires us all to try new things! Ignore the haters!


 Lauren Galley

Read an interview with Marianne over at UPCOMING4.ME where she talks about the story behind her new novel PEACEMAKER. PEACEMAKER is suitable for older teens.


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