Cels Reviews: Alyson Noel's - "Whisper"

12 year old Riley Bloom certainly leads a full life for someone that’s well, dead. Riley’s desperate to not only prove herself as a Soul Catcher, but to finally turn 13 as well.  She’s been tasked with some difficult cases before- but this one could prove to be her toughest yet.

Riley’s off to Rome to convince long-dead gladiator, Theocoles, that’s it’s time to move on. Only problem is Riley isn’t the first one that has been sent to deliver the message and none of the others have ever returned. But everything is sent into a spin when she meets the charming Messalina who gives Riley a make-over to end all make-overs, turning her into a beautiful teen. Looks like first love could be making an appearance on Riley’s horizon. In a world this enchanting, will Riley ever want to leave?

Whisper is the fourth instalment in the Riley Bloom series and even though I haven’t read any of the previous three I found that the story was quick to pick up and downright fun. Riley is an intriguing and loveable heroine who certainly rocks the afterlife with style.

Whisper is set at the younger end of the market but Riley is just so adorable you’ll find yourself well and truly hooked. Noel’s writing style is fresh and funky and her sense of timing is spot on. There are some passages that are a little high on the gore side, especially considering the target audiences age bracket, but since we are talking gladiators, it does work.

Noel has incorporated romance, action, growing pains and the supernatural in a fresh new way that will appeal to all ages. Whisper is a perfect fast read that will leave you smiling and make you realise that there’s a little bit of Riley hiding in everyone.  A solid 4 out of 5.

Whisper-Alyson Noel

Pan Macmillan

194 Pages


Released:  May 1 2012

  • Yes, I enjoyed it too. And I hadn’t read the others either. It just – works. I liked the “Groundhog Day” thing too.

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