Cels Reviews: Amanda Hocking's - "Switched"

Wendy’s known there was something different about her since her sixth birthday – a day also marked as the day her mother tried to kill her and accused her of being switched at birth. She’s never really believed she’s the monster her mother claims she is, after all everyone known good old mum’s crazy. Sure, she mightn’t seem to fit in anywhere, and has the ability to influence other people, but that’s better not being thought about. That is, until handsome Finn enters her life, he holds secrets to her past and the key to a place she might just truly belong. Maybe her mother wasn’t so crazy after all…

Once you enter Wendy’s world you soon realise just why Hocking has already become a self-publishing phenomenon, selling over a million books since April 2010 and why her work ended up the subject of a fierce world-wide publishing auction.

Hocking has taken elements of our favourite fairy tales and breathed new life into them, giving them a delicious new spin. Packed with a deftly woven, intrigue-filled plot and amazing characterisation, Switched will keep you enthralled to the very last. In fact, I often felt that I was inside the protagonists head right along with her and her decisions, issues and struggles felt like my own. There is a deep honesty about Wendy that draws you to her and soon has her as your favourite most un-princess like princess of all time.

The cast of characters are all marvellously complex in their own ways. Over-protective Matt will have you wishing for a big brother just like him. Tove’s the one to puzzle over and yet still never really break the surface. Rhys is the friend every girl should have, especially amid all the chaos. Kim and Elora, both cold and unforgiving and yet hiding a glimmer of light beneath their hard exteriors. And Willa, the bubbly and bright fresh of breath air. Then there is Finn, the commoner with the heart of a prince.

The love story is sweet and poignant and has you begging for a happy ever after no matter how long it takes. Book two, Torn will be released in February 2012 with Ascend just around the corner in April. So grab a copy and enter Wendy’s world. This series could very well be one of the biggest for 2012.

Switched- Amanda Hocking

Released 1st Jan 2012

240 Pages



Author info can be found at: http://amandahocking.blogspot.com/

  • Krista

    I have seen books by Amanda Hocking ALL OVER, I had to pick some of them up myself I am glad to see you enjoyed it and excited to read them as well

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