Cels Reviews: Amanda Hocking's - "Torn"

Acknowledging the fact that she was different from everyone else wasn’t hard for Wendy Everly. She’d always known she didn’t quite belong, although not to the extent of not even being human. Fitting in with her strange new life as a troll princess certainly hasn’t been easy but running away back to the “normal” world may just be the worst mistake she’s ever made.

Kidnapped and imprisoned by her birth family’s enemies, Wendy soon learns that the line between good and evil isn’t always clearly defined and some of the truths she has taken for granted may just be lies after all. And of course there are the feelings for Finn that just won’t go away- even with the arrival of a new dangerous hottie she can’t help being drawn to. Can Wendy make it back home to Forening safely and be the Queen in waiting her people desperately need?

Amanda Hocking has created a world that will have you wanting to pack your bags and immerse yourself in it fully. In Torn, the second book in the Trylle trilogy we start to see the emergence of a stronger, more determined Wendy with fantastic results.

Secrets are revealed that will not only leave Wendy reeling but the reader as well. The constant arrival and growth of fascinating characters bringing new twists and turns certainly amps up the volume. Some of your preconceived notions about some recurring characters will be flipped on their head and others will be re-affirmed. The most delightful part of this instalment for me was that we finally get to see behind Elora’s queenly mask to the woman and mother within. There are plenty of laughs, drama and oh my moments that the pages will fly by so fast you’ll wonder where they went.

Wendy is such a complex and delightful lead to get to know. Her journey feels like your own. Hocking has given us a heroine fully flawed who constantly breaks not only all the princess rules, but obliterates the typical princess mould and breathes new life into the fairy tale realm. And of course the fact that we have not one, but two candidates, for Prince Charming’s job adds to this.

There truly is a very good reason this trilogy broke the self-publishing sales records. If you haven’t discovered Wendy’s world you seriously need to put Switched and Torn on your to read list asap. You’ll never think of trolls the same way again.

NB: Make sure you keep an eye out for the all new short story included in the back.

Torn-Amanda Hocking

Pan McMillian

291 Pages


Releases March 1 2012

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