Cels Reviews: Andrea Cremer's - "Bloodrose"

In the third and final instalment of the Nightshade trilogy, the stakes are as high as ever and once again Calla and co find their very lives on the line in their attempt to return peace and harmony to us all.  If you have already discovered the magic of Nightshade and Wolfsbane, no doubt you’re champing at the bit to find out just where destiny will lead our bunch of heroes.

Well, I must say Cremer blew me away with the bittersweet and triumphant way she has wrapped up the war we have all become so vested in and despite what losses may fall our way, you leave the scene happy and content that the action could not have led to any other conclusion. This is a tale that will make you laugh, cry and want to hide in fright – often at the same time. There is also a deep realism that will leave you utterly breathless.

All our surviving main players, both the good and not so good, return in a high action seat-of-your-pants tale that is as good, if not superior, to its predecessors. Calla once again finds herself torn between the two alphas in her life and on top of dealing with what could very well be their final ever battle, she must decide between them once and for all.  Our supporting cast also steps it up a notch with new relationships and twist and turns in their past histories exposed to liven up the down time.

We hop from one end of the globe to the other, and face range of downright terrifying creatures and tasks to secure our Holy Grail. You truly are drawn right into the action, alternating between wanting to be a guardian and a searcher and set the devilish schemes of our enemies to rights. I must say I don’t think I’ll ever get the thought of wolves consisting wholly of fire out of my mind ever again, or the horrifying sight of the true form of our biggest baddie.

Cremer has an amazing gift for keeping her characters real to the core and yet having them evolve and mature in such an honest way, that it’s almost like watching your little cousin grow up before your very eyes. If you are a fan of the light and fluffy, “everyone lives” ending – well Bloodrose is most likely going to make you want to scream. We do say goodbye to one of our favourites, but oddly this just made the experience all the more real for me.  If you haven’t read the previous two in the series, please make sure you do before delving into Bloodrose. The journey Cremer gifts you with will stay with you long after its end. As sad as it is to leave Calla and her pack of amazing friends, wolf and human alike, I seriously can’t wait to see what Cremer brings us next.

Bloodrose-  Andrea Cremer



406 Pages

Released- March 2012

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