Cels Reviews: Cory Doctorow's - "Makers"

In the not too distant future our throw-away lifestyle has left the economy in ruins and more people are out of work and homeless than ever before. The dotcom boom has well and truly imploded and our “rubbish” is having its day in the spotlight once more.

Perry and Lester are turning the techno rubbish of the past into new inventions. From seashell toast making robots to Boogie Woogie Elmo’s capable of driving smart cars- for these two the only obstacles are the limits of their imaginations.  “New Work” is the new technological era and pretty soon bankers are criss-crossing the nation micro-investing in start-up ventures just like Perry and Lester’s. Together they are breathing new life into the economy and journalist Suzanne Church is on hand to record it all.

Not everyone is on board with this brand new economic belief system though and pretty soon the guys find themselves out of business. They may be down but they are certainly not out. After all they can still invent things. That is until a rogue Disney exec grows jealous of their rising popularity and convinces the authorities that their amazing 3D printers are being used to make AK-47s.Things are about to get bad. Really bad!

This novel is utter genius. Not only does it force the reader to take a closer look at their own use and often waste of technological devices, the relationships between our three main players will warm the heart of even the most cynical.  Perry and Lester raise geek power to a whole new level of awesomeness and their creations are absolutely awe-inspiring to behold. As for our intrepid reporter … well for those of us not as techno savvy as some, Suzanne’s layman point of view certainly helps with clarification and cuts through some of the harder concepts.

Doctorow has brought to life three amazingly complex and well rounded characters who not only standout as individuals but mesh well as a trio. The supporting cast is made up of such a range of different and intriguing personalities. They all take their turn at centre stage with full force. When I first read the blurb I must admit that for a girl who was raised on Disney movies, the idea of a twisted exec working for our favourite mouse was a little mind-blowing – but I must admit it became my favourite twist by far.

An astounding ride with a truly poignant and heart-warming ending that will leave a lingering smile on your face. Makers is fast paced, edgy and an all around moving tale that shines the spotlight onto some of the evils lurking in society. This is certainly a tale everyone can learn from techno junkie or not.

Makers-Cory Doctorow

Harper Collins


416 Pages

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