Cels Reviews: Helen Lowe's - "The Heir of Night"

“If night falls, all fall”

Malian has spent her whole life being trained to rule. As the Heir to the Keep of Winds, the oldest on the mountain range known as the Wall of Night, she is expected to uphold the long held traditions of her people at all costs- even if it is personal. The ancient enemy lurks and threatens to cast the world in shadow but Malian has never really experienced any of the threat first hand. That is until the enemy launches a direct attack on her home.

The Keep becomes a bloodbath as the twisted magic of the enemy sweeps through, slaying warrior, priest, woman and child alike. Fleeing to the Old Keep Malian manages to escape with her life but with the greatest danger her own dormant magic flares to life. In a world where magic has become a source of fear and those “cursed” with the old gifts are segregated in the Temples, Malian finds herself faced with a dire choice. To accept her powers and her destiny, she must be prepared to pay the price.

This has to be one of the best YA fantasy novels I’ve read in a long time. Teeming with beasties, mind blowing magic and a protagonist who captures your heart and attention from the very first passage, The Heir of Night ticks all the right boxes and more. The world is fresh and enthralling and the secrets and characters that roam the walls of the Keep will have your imagination running wild.

Lowe has painted a vivid tapestry full of colour that you are instantly transported into Malian’s life and the world comes to life right before your very eyes.  The action is thick and fast and the more harrowing and highly emotional scenes are crafted with such skill it’s like it’s happening to you. The characterisation is astounding. The entire main cast are well developed and their personalities leap of the page but leave enough mystery surrounding them that the part they may play is not given away too soon. The differing viewpoints throughout the story also add a refreshing depth without losing any of the pace or the strength of the authors voice.

I found myself totally swept away and all 447 pages flew by in a flurry just like the storms that sweep the Keep. This is certainly one of those novels that causes the outside world to cease to exist and Malian will firmly plant herself feet first into your imagination. Book two, The Gathering of the Lost is already on shelves and I can’t wait for the next nail bitting adventure.

The Heir of Night- Helen Lowe



447 Pages

Find out more about the Wall here: http://helenlowe.info/index.html

  • ooh I love action paced stories. I love this sentence “The action is thick and fast and the more harrowing and highly emotional scenes are crafted with such skill it’s like it’s happening to you”
    That sounds like a gripping story! Edge of your seat type of read, just up my ally.
    Awesome review 🙂

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